Luck Drop vs Motivation

Pankreas PorFavor

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I've only brought job motivation down to zero once but yes product drop became zero.
that's not correct. even with 0% motivation you can still get products.

maybe you did 15 sec jobs at 0 motivation, where the chance to find a product is just 2-3%, and that's why you didn't find any.

regarding luck drops - try it and tell us :) I use motivation buffs or move to a different job if the motivation is low and I can't tell you first hand what happens at 0. I wouldn't waste my time and energy on something that gives no money and experience just because there might be a chance to find some random item. if you're looking for recipes on Lead a trading office or similar jobs (that's what most people would do to get their motivation to 0, I guess?), maybe you should stock up on some motivation buffs first.

Tucker Blue

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Ah. Yeah i'm doing hours of LATO trying to score Print Fiscal Acts recipe. It's easy to keep motivation at 100% with hour jobs. i was fully willing to sacrifice all XP and $$$ for more than one chance to score it per hour. Thanks Ancy.

Poker Alice

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Thanks for correction and explaining.:lovetw: If I remember that far back I think I was trying to get as much cotton and tobacco as possible at starting level.