Loosing Kate's wedding Ring !!!!


I was short on the silver, so did several hrs mining , got dueled and put my weapon back on and totally forgot that I need to be without a weapon to do the exchange.

When I went back to the saloon, I could never see the ring on offer, waited until the next Wed, still no ring on offer.

So I got fed up and exchanged the silver for the experience point. And that was it.

Just today I remembered that I had to be without a weapon. But now that job is gone, is there a way to get it back on offer ?


Click the link in my sig - make sure you read the steps carefully.


Well, it worked :D

Took my weapon away and suddenly the quest with the ring appeared again. Had to wait till today, managed to beat the thing after few trials.

Got the cash and deposited the money and continued with the next duel, first with fist then with a weapon and I managed to finish it while last week, I lost all my health trying to beat it !!

Thanks ;)