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Discussion in 'Colorado Town Recruitment' started by JD Rider, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. JD Rider

    JD Rider Guest

    Welcome all to WAO-Black Horizon

    Town Name
    : WAO-Black Horizon

    Town Rank:119 and going up

    Town Points: 72,068 points

    What classes are required: All classes are welcome, but we are mainly looking for active fort fighters and builders who will help build our church to make our town one of the best on Colorado.

    Number of Open Positions: At the moment, we have 34 open positions for players wishing to join our fun, friendly atmosphere.

    Town Descriptions: WAO-Black Horizon is one of best towns in Colorado. Our town filled by all classes,we are an active town and we have joined with other alliances for fort battles.Now we are looking for more good fort fighters.

    Where to contact: Please contact JD Rider or Maj. Voltar for an invitation.


    JD Rider
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