Looking for Field Cook L650



My ingame name is also: .NoWay.

I'm looking for a field cook L650 who can make me 'The Hottest Chilli in The West'.

I'll be providing all the required ingredients, all you have to do is craft it. And let me know how much of what you need ofc.

I'd be indebted to you and if you ever need somebody duelled or you need blacksmith stuff, I'd be glad to be of service.

Already thanx for reading.


It's 600, not 650, and the 600 products are not auctionable. If you want the weapon, the crafter needs to do the quest and give you that. Since each weapon takes four weeks, I think you'll need to make a more concrete offer than just favors.


This thread is 2 years old, if he is still playing send him a tele in-game.


no surprise but he doesnt seem to be in game anymore...Pity really as I'll soon have the chilli he's was after.If anyone else wants it,let me know