Looking for a Town!


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This thread will be used for the purpose of advertising your desire to join a town! I ask that you keep your post up to date, and edit it should your status change. Please do not advertise your town here.

You may wish to use this format:

In-game Character Name:
Character Level:
Current Residency (If applicable):
Previous Residency (If applicable):
Intended Character Build:
Highest Skill:
Highest Attribute:
Town Prerequisites:
Personal Requirements:

Jon Dust

Active adventurer with VIP looking for pleasant and active townfolk

The title says it all. Send me an invite. I am a noob with the The West so you may want to keep this in mind.
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Capt. Caveman


I'm back in The West after a long absence. I just can't stay away. A year or so ago I was active in Colorado, Arizona and a couple others that have slipped my feeble mind.

Thanks for looking.
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