Looking for a town?


Have had experience of the West @ 4 years ago was active member for @ 18 months sadly due to circumstances beyond my control had to take a break ( sadly not a kit-kat kind lol) but i'm back as they say you cant keep a bad man or a nutter down for long i'm not saying what category i belong to ill let you work that one out for yourself... clue my IQ is what i use to play pool with isnt it ???

InGame Name: streky
Character Level (XP/XP):18/1063
Current Residency: NFA Wife got house in the divorce ( i got the bills,and my freedom :))
Previous Residency: Earth
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account: @3k
Highest Attribute: Strength 6
1st Highest Skill: shooting 19
2nd Highest Skill: vigor 18
3rd Highest Skill: traps 17
Intended Character Build: Advent
Declared Intentions: To work hard at building up the town the fort and my charming personality / character to be the best i can be and to have fun fun fun all the way to the top of the Dark Tower and be a loyal member of what ever Ka Tet i join.
Personal Requirements/Requests: A town with a good saloon great beer and soft bed's in the hotel would be mighty fine thank you kindly. Long Days and Pleasant night's to you all.

Billy Matlock

InGame Name:Billy Matlock
Character Level (XP/XP):17
Current Residency:n/a
Previous Residency:n/a
Accumulated Contributions:n/a
Cash/Bank Account:407
Highest Attribute:strength
1st Highest Skill:construction
2nd Highest Skill:vigor
3rd Highest Skill:toughness
Intended Character Build: worker
Declared Intentions:n/a
Personal Requirements/Requests:town with other workers my lvl or no works


need town

lvl 10 player looking for active town
player name is Baylock