Looking for a new alliance on Briscoe? Think about joining Army of 12 Monkeys!


The Army of 12 Monkey's is in a process of rebuilding, this is your opportunity to join an alliance and have your say matters! We are re-gearing and re-tooling to focus on fort fighting and enjoying the game as a whole. You have a choice if you are new to briscoe or a long term player on briscoe, you can either be in/join Rev and have all of the forts currently or join Army of 12 and get some bonds / xp for attacking forts.

Alliance Name: Army of 12 Monkeys
Town Name: Fistful of Dynamite
Town Rank: 1
Town Points: 3147238
What classes are required: Tanks & Duelers
Number of Open Positions: 12
Alliance Descriptions: We are in the process of rebuilding the alliance with a focus on fort fighting and helping each other have good times.
Where to contact: Contact r35barker on here or in game!


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Capt Caneo old town, I salute your effort r35barker. Use to be the best town in Briscoe for cream of the crop fortfighters. A town i would have been proud to have been a member of if starting a active career in Briscoe again.