Log In Problems


Log in problems too ...

I have been having constant log in problems for the last three weeks or so.

I play on three worlds, almost always at least one of the 3 tells me "bootstrapping loader", the log in bar does not turn green at all and then nothing else happens. This can keep me out of a world for days at a time.

As the other worlds work, and as turning off and on a again and logging in in a different order does not seem to work, it does appear to me that for some reason these worlds are not available to me for day/s at a time.

Any suggestions please
Any suggestions please?


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Do you use firefox, and if so, have you updated it at all recently? I did so about 3 months back and my compatibility with this game was obliterated.

Finally, after staring at the bootstrapping loader on and off for a couple days of agony, I switched to google chrome. Things ran smoothly immediately following the switch. Maybe give that a go...


Thanks Motag8tor! 'tis indeed a browser issue.
For reasons past my limited capacity Google Chrome no longer feels the love, but firefox still works!
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