Log in - identity expired


For some reason, I am unable to log in to any worlds. It says " identity expired - you must re enter your log in info at the start page. Sadly, this is not working. sigh


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Thought I was banned but I'm having the same problem, everytime I log in it says Identity expired and I have log out again.


I guess that really blows, if you happen to be one of the sad souls (like me) trying to complete a timed quest prior to leaving for work. oh well, I guess I try another 16 hrs of work to complete the quest another day, whenever I am able to log in again. Awesome. Thanks Inno.


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It's annoying for us too, rest assured that we do try to have a high uptime but sometimes things happen outside of our control.
This issue should be fixed now.

William Bresnaham

Still failing for me.

Actually Safari Browser still fails as above.

Can get in using Chrome Browser.
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