Limit Times Between Fort Fights


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yes, but make options to donate to that alliance fund only by a town founder from town treasury

Victor Kruger

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Heres what i honestly think in a nutshell, its clearly a world problem not a server one you can do whatever you like to fix that there and im sorry its like that i really am but you really think thats worthy of an entire game wide rule change ?

I mean really ? :blink:

Why would or should it impact the rest of a server ? so some have built a few things etc and you want everyone to play a certain way because they have invested what they are responsible for by their own decisions on the rest of the server too ? are you kidding me ? :blink:

I dont play w12 if your suggesting it Nisa im simply there and hope no world i do play becomes so overbalanced, I learned that lesson on w9 long ago and wouldnt repeat it again..

When it does become a game of battles by booking slot or invites to duel by appointment please let me know, rename the game Beverly Hills and ill turn the lights off on the way out. ;)


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Yes Vic we can say it's a (luckily )world problem but it's also showing the way the multi works atm can be abused by group and lead to ruining the world. Nobody minds multies now and then and it usualy gets fixed after some time but when ppl are out of ideas after a year of no normal battles then you cant blame them for trying to ask for help and changes before they give up completely. Already late for many that stopped playing.

And no, I know you dont play w12 .

All worlds have ups and downs and gets disbalanced, but it's all good as long as there are the players willing to work on it and fix it in whatever way.


Dissembler, I've had enough of moderating this thread, if you want to poll it, let me know. There have been multiple suggestions to the multi problem, use whatever you want and add it to your initial post or don't change anything at all.

I do not think this thread has matured enough, but it seems that it never will so let's throw it in the mix and let the votes speak.


i kinda agree zd.. its not reached where it should be but hey if you want to put for vote work away.. some folks prefere to vote than discuss

ill add one small thing to idea about increasing the cost of the fights to counter act multis k


I would support a digging timer like dueling. Once you duel a player, you can't duel them again for over an hour. I would support a 20 hour no digging time period between digs for individual players. Sure there would still be multis, but it would prevent pure garbage that pops up from time to time and that garbage is a complete waste of server flops.

Night Beaver

if you and your friends cant defend the fort/forts you have, then you shouldn't have them.


really impressive how you react on a 7 months old post about multies and dig on 3 forts in a short time with another 3 listed.