Level 67 Quest - The Raid

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by McPenny, Aug 23, 2009.

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  1. sidsutton

    sidsutton Guest

    This quest does not show for me now. I've only just turned level 67. At first I saw the grave robbing from the Sheriff but now it doesn't show. Are there any special product or clothing requirements?
  2. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Check the sheriff again on Friday.
  3. VenGyr

    VenGyr Guest

    After defeating traitor i am now on my way to the dickson forest to accept ambush (i can see it). Can i only accept it on a wednesday?

    EDIT: Seems so.
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  4. AEKtzis

    AEKtzis Guest

    For some reason I can't find the Participating Quest. I have done the "Listening" part but the one with bounty hunter doesn't show up in the Coyote Desert.
    I haven't done the Dickson Forrest quest "Search". Any ideas?