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Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by KingValkyrik, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. KingValkyrik

    KingValkyrik Guest

    So, which skills/attributes should I invest in for level 2?
  2. fluffer

    fluffer Guest

    w00t its KV!

    But seriously, I don't have any idea!
  3. White Horse

    White Horse Guest

    this that and the other.....
  4. KingValkyrik

    KingValkyrik Guest

    Ah both of you are worthless. :p
  5. Benson Hedge

    Benson Hedge Guest

    Well the best attribute is probably a smart investment.
  6. fluffer

    fluffer Guest

    Lolwut, you are a hero at TW.

    I just wanted to say hi to the legend of TW.

    But, I upgrade my skills to what the quests need.
  7. Benson Hedge

    Benson Hedge Guest

    Dont let the system decide what to do!
  8. .contact.

    .contact. Guest

    Depends in which direction you want to be moving. See settings to see the possible professions.
  9. Morthy

    Morthy Guest

    Don't spend attributes or skill points until you actually need them (unless you know what you're doing)
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  10. .contact.

    .contact. Guest

    So am I a total ****** for putting skill and attribute points into dexterity and fine motor skills, because I want to be a bandit? =(
  11. Benson Hedge

    Benson Hedge Guest

    Is morthy ever wrong?
  12. .contact.

    .contact. Guest

    Is this amount of sucking up really necessary?
  13. clippa

    clippa Guest

    I have 2 str, 1 mob, 0 dex, 2 cha atm.
  14. Cory9289

    Cory9289 Guest

    The point of the game is to have fun, so why not. Nothing is wrong, unless you just have a bad fantasy for being high in the ranks.