Let me out !


I don't know about anybody else, but I for one, wish I could migrate my character out of Dakota. Of all my worlds, it is the least fun one I play. It is soooo dead & boring there. Has been for a long time now.

If the powers that be are listening, I beg of you....hear my plea !


Please ?

Pretty please ??


Bad Billy Jack

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Add El Dorado to the list of worlds fort fighters need to escape from! It also needs to be very near the front of the line


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nb4 Idaho joins to the ded caravan
Well yeah, forum visitors will know full well what the community thinks world J will do to poor lil Idaho.

well to be fair we don't need Inno to kill Idaho for us, we are doing a fine job by ourselves, great work team :)
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Bucksnort Hawkins

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I believe it would be easier for us to all agree on which worlds don't get demolished, and move all the others into them, rather than argue over which dead world to migrate first :D
Yes please demolish Houston first. Most useless world on EN at the moment (yes even worse than the prison planet El D).