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Legal script?


Where exactly are these numbers coming from?

Minimum $102, immediate purchase $1000, and the default bid is $1011?


Minimum $101, no immediate purchase, the default is $1001?



Makes no sense... It has to be some sort of a compatibility bug, I didn't have such a problem... Please, could you tell me the world, exact version of your browser and also add all the possible information about the grouped market offer which produced such a result? It would be best if I could look at it from my own account and inspect the JavaScript objects.


Firefox/3.6.18 (Greasemonkey 0.9.7)

The two groups are each from one seller with the minimum bids and immediate purchase prices I posted, the only thing I left off is that the first is 5 items and the second 3 items.


OK, but as I said, it would by most helpful for me if I could see those offers in a JS DOM inspector... :) To do that, I also need the world and name of the item, I should be able to find the individual offers using the info you already posted. Thanks in advance. ;)

By the way, FF/3.6.18 might be a little bit outdated for this script, but I don't know that...


Ahh, sorry, world 6, cigarettes.

And I'm using 3.6.18 after hating FF5 and going back, so updating is not going to happen. If I wanted to use Chrome, I'd use Chrome.


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Seems to work flawlessly for me on chrome, so it could be a compatibility issue.

Also tested the nugget delivery system, and it indeed does not deliver everything, just one. Will search some more for bugs though :)


It definitely is caused by that outdated version of Firefox, I'm sorry. It's function.toString() method removes brackets it finds unnecessary, but it removed a pair that definitely wasn't. The bug is caused by the difference between adding two numerical values (102 + 1 = 103) and concatenating them as if they were strings ('102' + '1' = '1021'). Because of the lack of those brackets, the JS parser decided to concatenate instead of adding them.

I'm not going to fix that, as version 1.32 (coming soon) replaces this piece of code with something different, where this same bug won't occur (tested).

Slygoxx: Thanks... :)
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blind donkey

Thanks for your great job.
We find a problem on Cze world.
It is impossible to buy single product. If the item is single, then the classical buying window appears, but after accepting the offer nothings happen
Tested Czech world 6 and 7, Firefox 5, every single item on market
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Damn, I didn't do much testing in order to speed it up, but how could I have not tested THAT?! :D Thanks for your reports :)

v0.4.beta2 released, fixing both this and the bug reported by Elmyr (I could almost see the way he looked at my avatar, when I said I wouldn't fix it)... :)

As always, you need to remove the old one, sorry for the trouble...
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Uhm, another bug found and fixed, sorry... :D Some players were still not able to buy anything...


But well, that's exactly why I called it beta, a script of this size simply can't be successfully tested by one person and in such a short time...