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Legal script?


This script enables a cheat. Buying and selling items back and forth to transfer cash is clearly pushing, has been stated to be pushing by Diggo, and is logged and bannable.

Bad N3ws

I just can't see how this script enable a cheat and how banning it would remove a cheat?

As long as there is a market that cheat will always be around.


While it is truth that players willing to cheat would find a way nevertheless, I have to agree with Elmyr that every new way of doing it is also making it easier for malicious players and harder for support members. And that definitely is a reason to consider banning it... But would Community Managers allow using the feature if they weren't sure that cheathunters' tools are well prepared for it? If you used it to sell items for an extraordinarily low price with the intention to push someone, it would be pretty obvious and the cheathunters should be able to find out and punish you. As long as their tools calculate with the purchase price for a single item from the stack and are able to notice the anomaly, it's just the old way of market pushing in a new coat, probably not necessarily more dangerous.
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Ah something I didn't pick up when I initially checked this script. Nice catch Elmyr!

This script is actually against two of our rules in a sense. While the script itself is not the real problem, it is in fact extorting a bug in the market. And if this script is used to transfer large amount of items or cash to other accounts it's against our push rule.

Please note that this is a bannable offence.

I'm speaking to the developers now about getting this fix released onto our worlds.


yeah...this function has to be implemented into the market but correctly programmed....it is much needed option to buy multiple items in one go....theres nothing worse than buying items from a player and having them pinched of you at the same time because of the time it takes to individually click and buy...


What a hassle about the patch. It just re-enables a feature which allows you to sell a whole stack for a single price.

Pushing is not allowed, okay I can live with that. But it's still possible, even without this patch. So why disable the use of the patch altogether?


Because using a script to transfer large amounts of cash or items is against our pushing rule.

All players I have already found abusing the script has been permanently banned.

This thread has a good explanation on the issue here.

rice farmer

Can we use the script if we set the correct price or is it absolutely forbidden in any and all circumstances?


Can we use the script if we set the correct price

It sounds like it, since Da Twista said "abusing" and not "using". I wish they'd simplify things and just fix the minimum and enable posting multiple items without using a script.


Does someone know for sure if the market is going to be fixed?

I hope this is considered not considered as a minor issue, as I've read in the other related threads.

It was always relatively annoying to sell items one by one, but now someone who wants to evolve his/her crafting skills has to transfer dozens and dozens of resources. This implies convincing other players to spend hours of clicking and waiting. I really think this is a major issue.

rice farmer

the market won't be fixed anytime soon......the devs are busy with 1.32....


obviously they took the time out to patch this script but im sure it would have been just as easy if not easier to build a proper function in game.....nothing is ever thought through before implementing and then it turns out to be hard work.....working towards 250+ craft required me to purchase hundreds of nails and hammers which was a nightmare as you can imagine.....click/click/click/click/click....etc...etc....etc....this feature of multiple purchases in bulk must be introduced asap...i would rather the team concentrate on this than toying around with user avatars that does jack and other petty things.....


You need to be careful when you use this script, you can sell x pieces for one piece's price.
true i experienced it but the script works fine for me but don't make the mistake of putting 8 pieces price for one piece price


Can someone pm me the address of the script please? I will be careful too :)

blind donkey

Holy crap, The players are beaten for Inno inability. Why couldn´t Inno do anything properly?


I for sure, fully understand, that Inno don't want scripts etc. from 'outside' .

But sadly, the current market lack of functionality, makes Crafting a complete nightmare.

Didn't the market, once, allow sale of multiple item ? ..... we need it badly :/ .. and now :)

Darth Maul 2

It has never had multiple sale items feature as far as I know. In beta they had it once but they disabled it there too! Uhh. It sure is a pain to sell multiple stacked items one-by-one all the time. :/ It´s so time consuming.


Nice, would be a "lot-sale" option.
So, many products could be sold and bought as one lot. One purchase and one pickup only then.
Also, What I really miss, is sorting on 'Distance'.
These thing would for sure be nice, for a start :)