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I was looking this information up for my own purposes, but thought it might be interesting to share here.

Colorado last 90 battles:
Defenders win: 26/90
Kill all attackers: 10
Reach time limit: 16

Attackers win: 16/90
Kill all defenders: 11
Taken flag: 5

GM Town Battles: 11/90
Attackers win: 5
Defenders win: 6

Number of spam digs by Naughty Pumpkin: 29/90 (Wins: 0/29)
Other Spam: 8

It has been 15 days since the attackers won a legit battle.
Since then there have been 15 Naughty Pumpkin battles, 4 GM battles and just 8 legit battles.
There's currently 1 Naughty Pumpkin battle and one legit battle dug.

Things could be fairly good and equal with the altered numbers, but it's hard to test in the current conditions.

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Thank you very much for putting this together.

Alas, in a time when FF's receive extra awards, even beyond event currency, the digging and attendance behaviors are just so atypical that data collection and experimentation with caps is too skewed to even bother. Similarly it is a ready excuse for spam diggers to use defending their behavior.

We continue to explore possible community rules to enact regarding "abusive digs". I will request commentary on the current leading proposal in a separate post.