Lag / Slow Performance


Since it seems a few people have been experiencing slow performance since the update, I'd like to try and determine how widespread the issue is. If you are experiencing any significant or noticeable delays, please post here including the information below:

The name of your browser and version number, eg FireFox 4.1 or Chrome 11. A complete user agent string, if you know how to locate that, would also be great :)

Local Specs
Your operating system, CPU and RAM. You can locate this information in the "System" page of the User Control Panel in Windows, or Apple > About using a MAC. For example, I use Windows 7 x64bit, an i5 4x 2.67GHz processor and 8GB of random access memory.

Process Memory
Open The West in a new window and log in. For windows computers, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the task manager. Under the processes tab look for your_browser.exe and copy the memory consumption.

Connection Speed
For windows computers, locate the run window (XP-) or search bar (Vista+), type cmd and hit enter. A commend prompt should appear. Type "ping" and wait a few seconds. Towards the bottom of the window you should see the average round trip in milliseconds; please post it here.

If you only experience slowness when performing certain actions, such as using chat or participating in a fort battle, please include this information here. Additionally, define exactly how 'slow' you are experiencing this typical action.

Hopefully we can identify one specific similarity between those users who are experiencing these issues.
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