L400 Church


Howdy, Brisconians....

A L100 Church was a Chapel.
As we progressed, a L200 Church was called a Cathedral.
As we progressed, A L300 Church was called a Vatican.

Does the town that first gets to a L400 Church get to name it?

Nothing derogatory or that offends the Mods or fellow players.
But the first town to one gets to name it, right?

Any suggestions from the Support Team?
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Glad we agree.

As FoD will be the first town on Briscoe with a L400 church, we're going to call it: Rennser's Scottish Pub & House of Bagpipes.

Any other town that gets their church to this level will recognize it as such with respect to those that got there first.

Don't debate it. Just show some respect to those that did it first.


The West Team

Definitely the wrong forum to post in,but that's the church in the town I'm in on a different server :). It is quite difficult and requires a lot of time,so congrats to Renn and all those who worked on the FOD one :)


Al --

Is the Briscoe County thread the wrong place for this topic, or did you already move it here?
I thought I started the thread in the Briscoe County forum which to me is the most appropriate place for it as it's Briscoe specific.
And I wouldn't have been arrogant enough to think that FoD, or any town on Briscoe, would be the first town on ALL servers to have a L400 church. Much more convicted players on the other servers.

Thanks for the props and my tip of the cap to those that have managed a L456 church. Impressive indeed, and a lunatic amount of time. My congrats to them.

And as a Mod, as you didn't disagree that the first town on Briscoe gets to name the L400 church on Briscoe, Rennser's Scottish Pub & House of Bagpipes it is :)
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Gotcha. But jeez, don't be such a nit-pick about the "rules" ;)
Yes, this is a thread about a church on Briscoe, but input regarding churches on other servers is relevant.
Besides, you took too much joy in letting myself and Rennser know that there's a L456 church out there somewhere.... LOL. Well done, sir.