L 67 Quest !

Discussion in 'Saloon' started by Whistlingleaf, May 6, 2009.

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  1. The first part of the L 67 quest is called "The Raid: (Burying)" and that is the not-secret part of the quest --- there is still a "secret" part of the quest line which is still SECRET.

    Morthy said in another post that we did not get the L 67 quest when v1.19 was updated which is why there was a delay for everyone to receive the first quest in the line.

    Whats the secret part ? I dunno ... but if anyone finds out please mail me :)
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  2. Mekolp

    Mekolp Guest

    If we knew rewards/story line or something we could try to deduce the extra req... but with no info what so ever, we'll just have to get some luck.
    Like piece of a note 3, german devs gave a few hints about story line wich lead to first guy finding it.
  3. No wonder tomorrow someone will come up with a false theory about unlocking the quest..

    We need a clue on how to unlock this thing!..
  4. Azuk

    Azuk Guest

    Do we?

    It depends on what it gives as a reward :)
  5. Yeah,..Something like Part 3 or Hernando or Watt - Earp's (Gun) or all the 3 keys?..
    That would be uber cool..
    Despite,..It will not come true :(..
  6. pi-man

    pi-man Guest

    Who's going to start spewing lies to send the noobs off-track?

    weststats is going to put up the new quest line on Saturday
  7. jamesheaps

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    • Or C, they're lieing about a quest actually being there to fool us all, in which will keep us guessing untill the forts are here.... :indian:
  8. bumpity bump bump bump ... I updated the top post so if you have any questions please re-read it.
  9. Dashivas

    Dashivas Guest

    Got a new quest this morning dont know if it is lvl 67 quest or hidden or just infact a old quest i somehow got now (i am lvl 73 on the world i got it on)

    Eitherway mayby some of you guys and girls can judge it for me if it is a old or new.

    Sheriff John Fitsburn: Hallo daniel900s! Gut, dass du gerade da bist. Ich brauche deine Hilfe. Bauer Simmons hat mir erzählt, dass ein toter Mann in der Wüste liegt. Kannst du mir bitte helfen, ihn wegzutragen und zu begraben?

    Odd thing is i aint on a german server but sweedish so no clue why its german and i dont know much about german either .

    I need to do some grave robbery for 6 hours to get 300 xp and a hidden quest reward
  10. Helmbo

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  11. rocneasta

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    that quest is triggered by a wolf bracelet after you've completer buffalo hunt quest that waupee gives you. has nothing to do with level 67 quest.

    lvl 67 quest
    don't believe it has anything to do with skilling up or gear - i had people just waking up and stumbling on the quest - with 0 skill in fine motor skill
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  12. Dashivas

    Dashivas Guest

    I done the wolf neckless and was about to end it this morning was only needed the ring from grave robbery.
    So i equipped the gear needed to do the job lucky me i got the ring first hour i worked so did not have to do those low xp jobs again i thought anyway.

    Was about to close the quest when i saw i had a new quest waiting for me so it aint the quest line you linked that i know for sure.
    And it aint a follow up either as i got it before i finish the ring quest.
  13. pi-man

    pi-man Guest


    It's certainly new...
  14. Dashivas

    Dashivas Guest

    Sounds intresting

    Not gonna over do it and do 6 hours straight but 3 hour a day so during sunday i can update what the hidden reward is if any is little intrested :blink:
  15. bonez

    bonez Guest

    I got it as well. Don't ask me how:

    The raid (Burying)

    Sheriff John Fitzburn: Hello bonez! Good that you are here, I need your help. Farmer Simmons told me that there is a dead man in the desert. Can you please help me carry him away and bury him?
  16. Dashivas

    Dashivas Guest

    only know what i did during this morning but if anything was needed to get it i have no clue
  17. Bill

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    Oct 1, 2008
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    Yes this is certainly new, its not the Waupee's ring quest since it was given by the sheriff not Waupee. What you guys can do is hopefully recall the moment you accepted the new quest. What was the server time you accepted the quest??? What items did you have equipped at that time especially in your paperdoll???
  18. Dashivas

    Dashivas Guest

    time check my first post and withdraw a few minutes :D

    What i was wearing was gear to be able to do grave robbering
  19. Romelis

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    i checked all personages in saloon, and dancer gave me this quest. its strange cus i dont remember finding it in weststats, nor it was in "hanging" quests a week ago.

    so its either a bug, or something new, tho it says its a part of "the avenger"(soldier) quest

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  20. Dashivas

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    They said they should amke a quest for those who lost their uniform and this is the one i guess.

    And yes i did it yesterday mayby its a follow up who know :)