Kiss or Shoot

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just for will choose to kiss or shoot the the player who post before you...

since theres no one b4 me... there's no one to shoot..or kiss...:nowink:



flavoured lip gloss yummy!:D

Rose of Alabama

mmmm, yummy grabs James and smooches him ... *ulp* ... yeuk .. did you have kippers for breakfast ... ewwww .... in the struggle to escape James enthusiastic response, my gun goes off ... owww sowwie James .. the kiss was bad .. but you didn't deserve to die for it.

James the Hunter

:p:p:p:p Well kiss you back sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You forget, I'm JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mad Hank

Sneaks behind James with a cross, quickly duck hunts him in the head, and while James is trying to come back to life, mounts the cross in the middle of the room and starts looking for nails. Not being able to find any nails, gets out a giant sledge hammer and beats James into the cross until he becomes a bloody mess. Then clears James' blood off his face and gets out a bucket of vanilla ice cream and starts munching ^^

Rose of Alabama

ohhhh ... mmm grabs Hank ... gives huge big soft smoochy kiss, ohhh yummy vanilla ice cream flavour .. kisses to die for

Mad Hank

Brings Rose close (while watching with a corner of the eye her pulling away the bucket of ice cream) and then closes his eyes and slowly brings his lips closer to hers. Touches her lips briefly, like a whisper, but then starts going deeper... opens up her lips in a passionate kiss...


James the Hunter

XD William (the other guy i Control in RPGS) walks in. He passes out from the censorship! :blink: