Kate's Ring (How do I get it?)


It has just turned 19:00:00 server time I left the saloon went back in and the quest to beat the thief was available I accepted that then challenged the Thief and beat her first go now moved onto the silver bar part.
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dunno about this, i havent done this quest yet, but can i be the change to summertime?


dunno about this, i havent done this quest yet, but can i be the change to summertime?
I'm gonna go with 'NO' since they posted those posts a long time before the change to summertime ;)

Violette LeDrunc

I'm not sure what the summertime question is about, but this thread does contain a good walk through of what people often find a confusing quest, so having it bumped is a good thing. :)


There's all sorts of slang used in forums.
Posting something spurious in order to "bump" a thread is normally frowned upon.
"Necroposting" refers to a making new post in a very old thread that brings it back from the grave - in some forums this is considered bad form, but here people prefer you to bump an old thread rather than opening a new one on the same subject (assuming you need to ask something new once you've read that old post!)


I don't think server times have really been considered for everyone.

It's to be done as close to 3am my real time??

Any way around this?


no,the time limit is quite awful for some people from different time zones



it is simple actually, if you go in and come out anytime between 7:00pm and 11:30pm server time, all you have to do is go in your quests and there it will be.


yeah, where i live, 11:30 pm game time is 4 in the morning here. so....


This quest doesn't work for me at any time of the day apparently. 200 or 300 bucks and no weapon, server time didn't matter either. I don't get it!


if the first prt of quest wont work but the rest of the qust worked how do i get to do the 200$ and 7pm part never got a ring at all