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Cassie wasn't particularly sure how she would go about arranging her own death, or even if she wanted to, though it did warrant some careful consideration on her part and more than a little research to make sure it was done properly "I did try and tell Jack that I'd wind up having to pretend I was his daughter at some point, he just laughed and said he'd be able to put me on the naughty step when that happened" she said with an amused shake of her head as she unlocked Arda’s room door “I’ll meet you downstairs, I need to anoint myself before I go anywhere” she said with the weary sigh of someone that knew they would be spending a fortune on sun screen for the rest of their life, before then stepping out of Arda’s room and heading for her own so she could get ready for breakfast.

After meeting up outside the motel’s lobby with Cassie once again garbed from head to toe in black complete with hat, leather gloves and sunglasses, the pair of them would head into Saltmarsh in search of something to eat. It would transpire that other than a Chinese take-away that had shut down sometime during the nineties and the local bar, which was also closed at this hour, that the only place serving food within the town was a small café located at the edge of a row of houses close to the docks. The interior was clean and nicely decorated with flower print table cloths covering the handful of small round tables and the homely smell of baking filled the room seemed to promise them good food.

After taking a seat at one of the tables a plump middle aged woman would ask the pair of them what they would like to order with a smile that was far too cheerful to be genuine. Predictably enough Cassie would order herself a cup of coffee and some pancakes having barely glanced at the small laminated menu sitting on the table with the condiments offering them everything from cereal to fried breakfasts with a choice of hot or cold drinks.

With their breakfast orders given and the “cheerful” woman having disappeared into the small kitchen, Cassie would produce a laptop covered in the kind of stickers and hand drawn graffiti that only a misfit teenager would find appealing from out of her satchel and onto the table, her fingers tapping away furiously as she spoke “I did a bit of digging last night and for the life of me I can’t work out how this town is still here because every time someone tries to set up shop here it just falls down, the last one was some Texan wanting to build a mall about three weeks into the project the guy gets lost in the bayou and drowns…but anyway…founded by the French in the 16th century briefly occupied by the British who changed its name to Saltmarsh just in time for the War of Independence at which point there’s nothing until the nineteen twenties when Charles Vanderbilt and his family moved to the area at which point Saltmarsh changed from a tiny fishing village to a seemingly thriving town although it would appear recent economic problems has hit the place like every other small town in America” Cassie explained, pausing to watch as Jack entered the café and walked over to their table “Morning ladies, I see my sister hasn’t killed you” Jack said half-jokingly to Arda as he took the chair next to hers “Nah I decided against it…so what did the lovely Maria have to tell you?” Cassie asked sliding her sunglasses down her nose so that she could flutter her eyelashes at him much to Jack’s irritation “oh grow up!...the reason they can’t remember Sam at the motel is because she stopped at a boarding house, after we’ve eaten I suggest me and Arda here check it out whilst you go and do nerd stuff…what do you say Arda you up for that?”

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With a blueberry waffle, bacon, and coffee ordered, Arda turned her attention to Cassie's laptop, watching with just a little too much interest for someone who should've grown up around the technology. "A small town that is actively preventing itself from growing larger?" she mused quietly, more to herself than anything. She hadn't detected anything odd, but her personal focus could have easily caused her to miss something more directly not on the timestream. "Might warrant some looking into, anyway..." her thoughts were interrupted by Jack, who hadn't learned anything of direct value, but had a lead elsewhere to point them in a direction. "Better than anything I've got on the idea front, yeah, I'm in," she replied. "Cassie was just explaining that the town's almost seemed to actively resist growing, which, uh, I hope you don't need to be told they don't, uh...usually do that. Definitely seems like something's off, anyway. Might warrant looking into if the direct route doesn't lead anywhere, anyway..." she trailed off, unsure how to continue from there...hopefully their food came soon, she was hungry...not eating for a few thousand years tended to do that, even if time hadn't exactly progressed linearly...


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"What do you mean the town is stopping itself from growing larger?" Jack asked in a confused voice having missed the earlier part of the conversation, with Cassie then going on to explain the situation a little further "Malls, fast food chains, shipping companies, anytime someone tries to introduce something to the town that would better the town by attracting more people and creating new jobs something goes horribly wrong and the entire project gets shelved" she said, prompting a frown to appear on her brothers face "ok so the place is unlucky, what’s that got to do with our line of work?" Jack responded just as the woman appeared with their breakfast, placing the cups and plates down in front of them before proceeding to take Jacks order and disappearing once again into the kitchen where upon Cassie would continue where she’d left off “It’s not…or at least I don’t think it is, missing girls on the other hand…” Cassie would quickly check to make sure that no one was around before turning her laptop around so that Jack and Arda could see the screen.

Pictured were around half a dozen young women in their late teens to early twenties all of whom had disappeared either within on in the vicinity of Saltmarsh. Looking closer at the missing person reports it would appear that none of the women were local and that they had all been travelling alone for one reason or another. Once they’d both had a good look at the reports Cassie would once again turn the laptop round to face herself so as not to advertise the reason for their visit. After all Sammy had disappeared not long after entering this town and there was a very good chance that this was the reason she’d come here.

With the arrival of Jacks rather large breakfast, the trio would quietly eat for several moments before Jack finally broke the silence “ok so what are we thinking here? Skin changers? Vamps…”

“It’s not vamps” Cassie cut in quickly before continuing to eat her pancakes. By the look on his face it was clear that Jack wanted to ask how she knew that for certain but would simply shrug his shoulders instead “ok then, not vamps…but something is definitely using the area as a hunting ground…have you got any thoughts on the matter?” Jack said, turning to look at Arda as he asked his final question.