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    It was only to be expected, Arda supposed, that they'd be suspicious, but even so, it was a little galling to be practically back at square one again..."You saw everything I did the whole time we were in the car," she said lightly. "I do have a test I'm studying for, you'll find nothing but relevant notes for the class in that notebook. This little beauty is the focal point for pretty much everything I can do, and everything else is strictly defensive, promise. Doesn't even work right if it's in pen form, and I promise I'll put it back before I get in the car. Sound reasonable to you?" She sighed lightly. "Besides, I already told you, if I were to be against you, I would've done something on the road. Little pointless to wait until we're where someone else would see, right?" Hoping that'd drop the matter, she'd fall silent, following the siblings in. She got a single bed room...she didn't need it, but it'd be odd to not take it when otherwise she seemingly didn't have a place to stay...it wasn't even her car, after all. The owner didn't remember Sammy, which was in and of itself interesting...she couldn't imagine there was another place to stay around here. That might bear looking into things more later on, but for now there wasn't a lot of point in pressing the issue. At least it be worth seeing if the accommodations were good enough to actually stay, instead of just pretending...
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    The Louisiana state highways were too straight, too repetitive. If it wasn't trees, it was swamplands. The boredom could drive a man to sleep if he wasn't careful. All that coffee and Markku Aro helped Mika stay awake, but he feared that if he didn't get to Saltmarsh soon, he'd disappear into the bayou in a moment of drowsiness. Fortunately, the hours passed by without incident. The old Impala never made an appearance, which was understandable. These roads called for especially spirited driving, something his old C-10 would not be too keen to accomodate if Mika ever felt inclined to such desires. His radio picked up no more transmissions from the mysterious source, nor did his contact make another call. Mika entered the small town of Saltmarsh as in the dark as the coming night.

    Saltmarsh itself was an old, semirural town, successfully fighting off the modernization that was slowly transforming this country into gentrified, big box shopping outlet, cookie cutter clones. The main street had three working streetlights, and every stop light was permanently blinking red. The whole setup gave Mika an eerie feeling, one that made him glad of the 1076 under his left shoulder. Mika drove around the town and got the lay of the land. The only motel in the town had two cars in it, one of them an old, black Impala.It must be the one driven by the other Hunters in the area. None of the Hunters were around; they must all be inside the place. Mika figured that any information in the place would be covered by the other hunters. He'd head over to the one place that was almost guaranteed to give even the most amateur detective information, the bar.

    The local watering hole was typical for a small town; it was built entirely of wood, had a very small, monotonous selection of beer and liquor, and populated by all the town's old timers and many of their working class folks. Here was the place that rumors were spread, happenings were discussed, and where everybody knew everybody else's name. Mika didn't expect that anybody in the place would actually talk to him about anything. Small towns were a very closed society, so reluctant to let anybody in that a man could live most of his adult life in the town and still be rejected as an outsider. Mika's plan was much simpler; keep his head down, sip his nearly water suds, and listen for any talk of recent strange happenings. He'd hopefully get some nuggets that would help him out with the mysterious snippet of radio transmission and explain why the his contacts had sent him to this semi rural town in Louisiana.
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    After listening to Arda's explanation Jack would exchange a single glance with his sister before then shrugging his shoulders "just checking, you can never be too careful you know" he said, and although Arda knew she was in no danger of being killed in her sleep she would still get the distinct impression that the pair would be keeping an eye on her if only to indulge their inbuilt paranoia.

    Following a decidedly nervous Maria up a flight of steps and along the veranda that fronted the motel, the trio would be led to a door that after a few fumbled attempts the girl would open to reveal a surprisingly comfortable room despite the somewhat outdated decor. Against on of the side walls there were a pair of single beds with matching bedside cabinets with a small CRT TV and mini fridge on the opposite wall facing them, meanwhile straight ahead they would see a single wardrobe, a desk and chair and the door leading into a compact en-suite bathroom "this is your room, if you have any problems please ring font desk" Maria said in heavily accented English with a look on her face that seemed to pray that they wouldn't find any problems with the room. After handing Jack a room key that came complete with a plastic flamingo shaped key ring Maria would then lead Arda to the next door room and likewise open the door to reveal a room that was identical in style and decor as the previous with the exception of it being slightly smaller and having only one bed inside. No sooner had she given Arda her key along with the same seemingly rehearsed message about ringing the front desk with any problems she would practically flee after nervous bidding them to enjoy their stay "Now is it just me...or did she seem a little squirrely to you?" Jack asked once the girl was out of sight before then entering his room to take a closer look around.


    (OOC: Hours? You were only ten miles away!?)

    Although the room didn't fall silent upon his entrance, like those old Wild West films, there was the briefest of pauses as those inside turned to look at the newcomer before returning to their beer and conversation. The bar was ran by a large guy with a beard who seemed to have got the strong silent type down to a tee as he silently cleaned a set of glasses from where he stood behind the bar. The waitress on the other hand seemed to be the permanently cheerful type, happily chatting to the regulars and even offered Mika a bubbly smile as she set his beer down in front of him.

    Most of the conversation going on around him seemed to be the usual kind you got in bars up and down the country; people complaining about their work, the economy and how the local sports teams were faring, all of which was being said over the back drop of an old jukebox in the corner playing what were mainly old country and western songs or the blues. It was in amongst all of this small town normality that he would finally hear a young couple sitting in the corner talking about the missing girl and how the sheriff still hadn't found any sign her. Although it was possible that they were talking about Sammy, after all she would fit the general theme of the conversation, by the way they were talking Mika would get the distinct impression that they were talking about a local girl