July ginooki21 Luck Hunt Challenge


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I'm hosting a world-wide challenge beginning July 15th and running to the end of the month.

Details (rules, prizes, buy-ins, etc.) are already spelled out in the in-game Briscoe World Forum under a thread of a similar name of the same title of this thread, so no need to re-iterate them here. It's based on gear only luck drops (no products or resources) from jobs. If you'd like to check it out but don't have the Briscoe World Forum, contact a hat of Gold City or player xxxJimxxx in-game requesting a forum invite.

It's voluntary, open to all that desire to participate, and is weighted by the participant's level so a level 50 player stands as much chance to place for a prize as a level 120 player.

The more the merrier and the only way to not win at it is not to participate and to not be active.

You're also free to contact me (deiben) in-game via telegram if you have any questions.
If you're interested, the best way to sign up is to make a post in that forum.
I'm not taking signups via telegram.

Thanks and we'd like to have you participate in it.


i know; that is why i asked if they exclude townless people


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No, I'm not excluding townless players from this player hosted Challenge.
Townless players can participate.
Be a member of a town, sign up and buy in, and then you can be townless until the conclusion of the Challenge, at which time you'll have to rejoin a town to gain access to the temporary, in-game forum that is hosting the Challenge to post your gear luck drops from job reports.

If you sincerely desire to participate, contact me in-game via telegram.
The Challenge has been laid and spelled out in the Briscoe World Forum, July ginook something or other thread. To access this forum and thread, yes, you have to be a member of a town. We don't make the rules, we just play within them and hope to bend them :)


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We had (19) players sign up and buy in as participants not including myself.
7 of them at or below level 120, with level 29 at the low end.
I've done worse on a 2-week challenge, but this is the best so far :)

If you haven't visited the forum or are curious, we're taking the sum of non-product slot luck drop items from a job report and dividing by a player's level to determine a score for that report.

The sum of the scores over a 2-week period (coincides with a premium purchase) total up to a player's total for the Challenge.

I'm awarding prizes (items from the Cartwright's, Doc's and Freeman's sets) to the Top 5 finishers with a steel lined box to the individual top scored report.

I offered a CJ belt into the prize pool if we hit 25 participants, but we fell short.
I offered a Natty's Hat into the prize pool if we hit 50, and so on....

We'll have some fun with it, and gives me a reason to keep logging in over the next 2-weeks :)

neel shah

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ca u try and and elaborate this contest please deliben because i dont play in Briscoe put I loved ur concept :)

Can try it on different world



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Hello, neel --

I'd very much enjoy sharing with you an effort to promote activity on a world-wide level.

I can go into the micro detail or, if you can, join Briscoe and telegram me an invite to my town for the purpose of observing this "Challenge".

I start with named item prizes that I have that I don't need.
I offer 3 of them for the first 10 participants with another prize being awarded for each additional 5 participants.

But I'm a player, paying for the prizes, so I'm asking for something in return such as a "buy-in". It might be 6 steel or 25 fool's gold or 25 wood... I offer prizes being awarded for 3 to the first 10 and an additional prize for each 5. Prizes are named items.

All market transactions regarding my purchase of participant buy-in and my delivery of prize are done at purchase price.

This specific, 2-week (a premium upgrade purchase is 2-weeks), Challenge is based on non-product luck drops from job reports with a divider based on the Participant's level. If you want level 29 players to participate, you've got to give them an opportunity against level 120 players.

So, a participant posts a job report for public view. He got a luck drop of a Cody's dagger and a Talisman.
We'll sum the purchase prices of his luck drops and divide by his player level at the start of the Challenge, giving that report a score.
In this case, Cody's Dagger has a purchase price of $2600 while the Talisman has a purchase price of $1000.

So 2600+1000 = 3600 divided by the participant's level, in this case 120, gives 30 points for that specific report.

If a level 50 player got the same luck drops, his score would be 3600/50 = 72.

I review, tally and add up those scores for the Challenge period, then award prizes.

We've got 19 participants in this specific Challenge.
I'm trading 5 named items plus a Steel Lined Chest for the highest scored report for 25 cotton, 25 fool's gold, 25 granite, 75 wood, 30 planers, 15 spades, 10 chalk, 30 hammers, 40 sledge hammers, 10 tooth bracelets, and 6 steel.

I might be coming out on the short end of the stick for rewarding Doc's, Cartwright's, Freeman's and other named gear...