json data missing in result?


It means World 1 is down, unfortunately.

They will fix it soon enough.


Click on work in game and you will see what happens. Great new addition!!! Love it.


They are PATCHING !!!!!!!!!!!

Today at 11:21 AM
All worlds are updated to version 1.12


marecone said:
Click on any job on the map and you will see what happens. Great new addition!!! Love it.
What? Does that actually relate to the thread at hand?


Yes. They are updating the worlds, so there is some downtime.

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I got this error as well; I just clicked out of my browser and opened a new window. But daaaang, this topic was quick to be made.

I'm interested in seeing the results of this 'update'.


Me too. Will they post in announcements or do we have to figure it out ourselves?


This is from the German forum ... and translated thru Google ... so some of the language is "off" - no guarantee we get all of this but it seems likely:

Version 1.12
- Greenhorn is no longer unassailable
- Soldiers Premium is now back at 100%
- Each Hotel Rank now costs double. Expanding the number of your points could be moved. It should, however, to have been your favor.
- Under settings, there is now a player profile
- Under settings, there is now a Ponyexpress, the e-mails you can send.
- Among players find work with the premium bonus "Automation" an overview of all available and soon available work.
- In the mortician, there are now statistics from the city. This applies only to future duels.
- On the Logoutpage there is now an opportunity to Login
- Minimized windows are beautiful displayed.
- The cost of the shaman has been revised.
- Stacking problems have been fixed.


Yeah, makes you want to stay in your own hotel a bit more!

The profile page is a bonus too. A town one would be nice.

Black Jack

Lol. No, it makes you want to stay in other hotels and not work on your own. Mine was so close to the next level, and now I have 100 more points of work to put into it. I could've gone with another gunsmith or tailor level if I knew this was going to happen.

It also doesn't look as if the Shaman's cost has been changed at all.

But yeah, the profile page is nice.


If you can't log on, i deleted my browser cookie and then it let me on.

Black Jack

It looks as if they also fixed the messages system. The bars now show up and the words don't run off of the right of the page.

They also fixed the graphics for reports where you don't get any items.


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They will announce that its patching after the patch finishes

then they will announce what the patch did in a few hours after that