Join Death wish town



I will be founding a town and alliance on the first day of release. They will be primarily focussed on fort fighting.
Town name: Death Wish
Alliance Name: The Authority

We have a good list of players signed up to join and we have already sorted out four pure construction builders that will be working on the town from Day 1 (including myself and my other founders).

Our town is looking for fort fighting ability, but also for their proven leadership and dedication. We also are looking for new players for us to train and support you if your active enough and show loyalty to us. We are still looking to add another builder or 2 to add to our group of builders already.

I would love to be involved with you in this world, whether you will be part of our town, our alliance or against us in the field of battle. If you’d like to join our town and you’re looking for a leadership role, we can discuss this whenever you like.

Write to me in this game world or in older worlds (AZ , Briscoe and colo)

Thanks for reading CB
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In Arizona you are member of Fighters offensive.
No thanks, we hate Mota and Felicity.

tom paris

currently rank 1 in the world, & also pure builder. Got room for me?


Ouch Bohtar. Really?!

I'd think you were joking as usual, but I don't think you knew I'd be seeing this page. ....D@mn man :(


No problem :p , but back on topic... The town I am founding right now will be joining this alliance, as agreed with CB.


Mota and Felicity it was a joke ffs
Ofc I dont hate people who make w13 interesting (on that lets initiate some battles I have a cold turkey)



I'll be looking to join a town in the very near future. I'm currently a level 8 and haven't played the West since early 08. I'd be a 5-6 day a week at 4-5 hour (min) a day player as it's something I run in the background whilst completing my office work. I'm open to build towards what ever class my town is in need of though my computers at work are killer slow. Contact me if interested.


FFS it's a recruitment forum, not some sort of spamming forum :D :p (but I love spamming though)