JC's Guide to Briscoe's Alliances

Lord Crusher

This so called war that was meant to happen hasn't started at all. Unless they are being nice ad waiting for xmas and new year to pass to make it fair for everyone.

More attacks have been on GB and other independent forts than these two alliances so why even bother? Makes the world boring as hell if you only attack small forts like 5 of the last 8 battles were and the next 3 today are at too.


Now, Only 3 main alliances

Coronado Family ( dont like this name, but my town is member of this alliance)
Liberation ( like this name but this's my enemy alliance)
Beret Federation

some other : -SKY- .. Coalition Chat


New Member

no drama is looking for people to do fort attacks on any or all..noone is accepting our emails for us to join in or help out..spp calling all peoeples who want in on fort battles come see us cause we wonna stir the pot in briscoe


I am looking for Small towns to join my alliance who don't want to be involved in fort battles just yet or wish to grow on their own Independently.

The Main idea of getting together into an alliance is to create a forum in our town forums which allows other towns in the alliance to view it giving them vital information on what the local area is like or if the're any town dangers.