JC's Guide to Briscoe's Alliances

Johnny Cobb

Oh what a tangled web we weave here on Briscoe, it's hard to figure out the alliances and their implications for good fortfighting. :blink:

Fortunately I have a couple of spare hours this afternoon to attempt it. :cool:

The Current Situation

A cursory glance at the Most Recent Fort Battles page shows three large fortfights and seven non-events. More on the non-events later. At the three proper f'fights the towns lined up like this (more or less):

Eastern Territories Alliance

Tombstone Family
The Town

OK Beret Alliance

OK Corral
Green Berets
Fil of Dynamite
Black Stump
AP Family
Brothers Family
Black Diamond
Mount Olympus
CRO Family
Die Hard
Crash Town

'OK Beret Alliance' is (of course) an unofficial alliance. But that's how they're lining up. A lot of towns aren't publishing an allies list anymore. At the other end of that spectrum Lithuania -SKY- publish the longest list I've seen anywhere. :laugh: Kudos to them tho for holding onto Fort Lithuania!

The Liberation Alliance

Speaking of allies lists, thanks to Black Stump for publishing the only member list I could find for the much talked about Liberation Alliance. Here it is:

Black Stump
Fill of Dynamite
AP-Dust Devils
Legendary River Styx
Black Stallion
Die Hard
Gauchos Locos

This is what I have left after Johnny Styles post, there's probably more but they're being coy about it :razz:

Other Alliances

-SKY- and BP

Looking at that list on Lithuania's page makes me wonder why -SKY- aren't throwing their weight around more, of course having a lot of towns doesn't necessarily equate to having a lot of fortfighters, as BP would know.

The Western Side

A loose confederation consisting of the Graves family, Eagle Mountain and a few others

What else? What now?

7 of the last 10 fortfights were over before they begun, 'cos the attackers couldn't muster the numbers required. IMO the smaller outfits should look to create stronger alliances with each other or cut deals with the big guys for fort places.

The Eastern Territories Alliance could do with a couple more big towns (or the BP) to even up with the OK Beret mob, maybe they'll figure that out when they lose a few more forts :D Then we could have some battles royale on a regular basis :D :D :D

Some towns like The Abyss are still floating around, some fortfighters are fleeing the politics and setting up in small towns, everything is in the mix still! It seems a bit healthier than when the world was divided into those who were allied to Sharpshooters and those who wished to be allied to Sharpshooters. :rolleyes: There is hope! :)
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I can't believe my eyes, an actual good post in this part of the forum, I haven't seen one in ages. :(

Nice analysis mate, l hope for some more real wars, not the small skirmishes we have now.

Cheers :)

Ken McCoy

The Rebels alliance isn't here!!! We might be small now but it will change....

Johnny Cobb

Thanks tanatos!

Ken and Macky you jokers :D
As of two days ago you could only muster 9 players (including me :whistle: ) to attack Fort Flag Rush, you weren't allied to the London towns and Macky you hadn't joined yet :laugh:

Good luck with your alliance, when it deserves a mention I'll make sure it gets one :p

Johnny Styles

A few mistakes there mate, liberation

The town

All out

Few more added but i will keep that quiet :)

nice post


Haha nice post Johnny! I think it's better than a clear-cut division - which always ruins the fun of the game. Now you have some friends both on attacking and defending side. So whichever side you think will win, join it! Heck have some xp for yourself :D

Sycho Man

Johnny that attack was a mistake on our part it shouldnt have happened. As for The Rebel alliance well me and Ken founded it theres no way it can fail :p we will put up a fight eventually though dont you worry

I liked the world when it was controlled by SS (not just because i founded it haha) but the sides were known and The Libs had just entered the mix...it would have been fun SS vs. The Libs
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Johnny Styles

Hey Sycho I agree 100% but SS / -TI- broke :(

im sure people will get it sorted sooner or later and we will see 2 / 3 maybe 4 true alliances in this world. patience grasshopper

Johnny Cobb

You're right Johnny, patience is needed!

Sycho, I was just messin' with y'all :) I know Rebels will get stronger.

Three things I'm noticing:

1.Alliances are much more complicated than my OP would suggest, but then we kinda knew that, the OP is still a good starting point.

2. Tombstone and GB/OK will fight each other, but when a third (usually much smaller) party attacks one of their forts, they will join up to defeat them, ridiculously easily :(

3.Small towns are calling fortfights without having got the necessary support. They never stand a chance.

We need a good 'ol mud-slinging contest between the big two, so they stop helping each other :D

Sycho Man

SS was pretty much overthrown and reassembled but it didnt break really as for TI i left the second i saw what had happened


don't worry guys, now sidd is also with you guys for the quest against liberation hahaha ;) , theres no way we could lose..hahaha :p i am just kidding but i will try my best to make this world more interesting, and i am sure you guys at liberation won't mind much of challenge from us :D

Morbius Magee

Alright guys let the rest of us in on this. How did sidd get to be Briscoe's Public Enemy #1? I want to know in case I also feel like becoming a total outcast some day.

Sycho Man

I personally have no idea and i dont know anything about him (i didnt even know he is "the #1 public enemy")


haha, thx foRthe compliment guys, and i am a "public enemy" for the Liberation guys :D , just because i left them to join the other side ;)

Johnny Styles

it wasn't because you left sidd, really your character is crap :) ( jokes)

Its the way you left, not cool mate :cool:


it wouldn't have been cool too, when i would have to turn against my closest allies; like BoB
who FOD wanted to attack and take their fort..but since i left with all my fighters and they were desperate and even invited BoB on the alliance, so now i will fight against them...and try make this world a little more fun :)

Sycho Man

Hopefully sidd doesnt read this :p but he is one of those little tiny players that think they are every worlds crown jewel and he probably thinks that every thing that happens is because of him. You all know what im talking about here right