Items found?

Barter Masterson

I found me a Rusty Old Shotgun at level 3 but can't use till level 17 and I've never prayed an inch or stepped even two feet near the church at all. So I don't think praying has much to do with it. I'm a lawman not a priest. And I'll be to 17 before yer know it and drag out the rusty old gun in case someone wants to come breaking the law in Barter Bat Masterson's Town. :) Trinidad, one of the meanest towns in the West until Bat cleaned er up with his own deputies in tow ... "I've only had to use my pistols 6 times on another man," Bat was quoted as noting and only killed one man in his life; though he served side by side with Wyatt Earp. No wonder though, Bat was no slouch with a gun so it would be a bad idea to have drawn on him.

Just goes to show you the real west was not won with guns and outlaws, but hard work, determination and perseverance from a proud people. And those that didn't follow the rules, well ole Bat and Wyatt could handle that. "I once shot a man for snoring," Jesse James was quoted once. Though his own friend shot him in the back later.

It reminds you of the Civil War era really. a Bunch of farmers one side fighting friend against friend on the other. Going to take this one to the history books they'd probably be quoted as saying until the Federal Side brought in the reinforcements. Just goes to show you. A government big enough to give you everything, Abe Lincoln noted, is one that is big enough to take it away.

Ain't that a fact. So in the end the outlaw breeds of course were the dying truths of hundreds and thousands of people who just wanted to live in peace. Fame and glory go with ye to boot hill of course and then the maker has the say in the reality. And when we say outlaw breeds we also mean those that duel workers or adventurers and such.

Just remember this, in the end, it is but a mere reflection on one's own dueling weaknesses. Nothing more. Read most towns boards they mostly band together against that that don't believe in this one. And rightfully so. Once again, the real truths of the dying breeds were buried in boot hill. No honor nor glory in that. Robbing, stealing, thieving, well, that's why the good always outnumber the bad. And they always will.

When a posse was needed did a town have to beg a troop to help them with a fort fight for example. Did they have to beg everyone to help. Nope, many a brave soul risked their lives and left the safety and comforts of their loved ones, some to never return, knowing in the end that was the only logical and sensible thing to do. Sure there were vagrants, rufians and side winders who combatted and took advantage of everything they could and still are today, but for the most part, people were good and in Barter Bat Masterson's Town, Trinidad, so are we. Not a peaceful town, not a bad town, just a town that has morals. Nothing more.

Just a thought by a rusty old shotgun carrying lawman.
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Yes!!!! found a gray waistcoat($450 sell price) transporting ammo. I know this isn't that good but it really helps me, because I use to have 0 labor points, but now I have 23! It immensely improved my range of luck, putting it at $590-1772, from around $200-950! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!


sleepyhead set

I have found a Chamber pot from the sleepyhead set does anyone know how I could complete this set and what are the abilities of that set?:unsure:


My dream has finally come true!!!!!!

Smuggling. They led me to smuggle a bit of porcelain maybe but this is rare and I would trade something worth 10 K for it. This is the first time ever that I found something from smuggling that is not a weapon and perhaps this one will be great cause its like a Genie in the lamp, I just found the nightgown from ambush stagecoach yesterday and now I have 4 items of the sleepyhead set.
So what are abilities of the sleepyhead set and how do I use the metal sleepyhead as an item or is there a different item that is sleepyhead



I found a foil, worth $1134 (purchase price) while transporting ammo.:)

Only problem is that it requires wielder to be level 35, and I'm only level 21.:sad:


damn, thats pretty good ecto. whatever your doing, your doing it right, cause at level 21 i was a long ways away from transporting ammo. i completely screwed up at the start of this world, and so i was that player with SP everywhere.


Pure Horse backer rider. Don't have a clue where the idea came from, but I decided to do it.


I was like that too, at first, with skill points wherever I felt like. I got to about level ten, deleted the account, and started over with a clearer goal in mind.

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Here is something good I got from the Charlatan Job:


Nothing really special, but still good. Now these two items I found on Transport Ammo:


And finally, here are the dates of those reports:

Job report: Transport ammunition On 7/26/10 at 2:31 AM

Job report: Charlatan On 7/28/10 at 7:42 PM

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I found a brown slouch hat, worth $520 (purchase price) transporting ammo.
Cool! It's not very common to find an item which is part of one of the item sets...At least not for me. Anyway, here is another job report where I have found a rare item:

« Job report: Selling guns to Indians On 7/20/10 at 9:12 PM Delete » Selling guns to Indians


2 hours
$ 74
66 experience points



I had already bought it for the set, so I just sold it. I don't have the black work shoes though.

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One step away from Hernando's Sword!! ^.^

« Job report: Grave robber Today at 1:25 AM Delete » Grave robber


2 hours
$ 54
23 experience points

The sun is burning. You lose 31 health points.
Believe it!! I am now one-step away from having that freakin' Hernando's Sword!!


I'm Premium

Drake's muzzle-loader

Purchase price: $3580
Sales price: $1790
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Ha! I have Hernando's Sword now! If you don't believe me, just ask the three people who I used it against! Or wait for me to show you an image in my next post, which will come to you later.

Oh, and I've got some better armor as well, so watch out!



2 hours
$ 302
89 experience points


Precise muzzleloader worth $470 sales price. This is one of my biggest charlatan yields so far.

Desi Boukerse

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Trading with Indians


2 hours
$ 87
22 experience points

Found this one quite funny :)
There is a chief who has no feather hat anymore..