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Discussion in 'World 3' started by Jrooney2, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Hoggs

    Hoggs Guest

    I dont think anyone doubts that.. but maybe the second pic in that post was what we were supposed to look at :rolleyes:
  2. akadian007

    akadian007 Guest

    Yeah the second one is real i saw the report and the gun i w3
    but look at the 1st one and see the differnce
  3. Hoggs

    Hoggs Guest

    When you say it is fake and I say "I dont think anyone doubts that" it means that noone thinks it's real.
  4. zitok

    zitok Guest

    ...can you tell a little more details about that battle...
  5. grimhunter

    grimhunter Guest

    thats terrible damage for a special weapon
  6. sesythe

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    I can confirm that he found this gun in a fort battle set up by the EC. He was one of 3 survivors, it was a battle for a large fort, and most of the dead battlers (4 total) had brought a bunch of cash.

    Rough estimate of his share of the loot:
    1/3 of (fort battle fee + sum of dropped cash by dead people) = (10,000 +6-7000) = ~$5600, which just so happens to be the sale price of the gun.
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  7. myusername

    myusername Guest

    ^What he said^
    Many thanks to Sesythe for having the battle and letting me know it was going to happen.

    We know 1 person (me) found something, one person didn't, and a third who isn't answering telegrams.
  8. turda

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    Ambush stagecoach

    [​IMG] 89%

    [​IMG] 2 hours [​IMG] $ 79 [​IMG] 130 experience points [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Hmm what is drop rate for treasure hunt? I have been doing it 26+ hours with premium without drops :) I know that you wont always get lucky with drops but would like also to know drop rate for that.
    Has lvl anything to do with it? Im only lvl 36, how about labour points?
  10. myusername

    myusername Guest

    Nobody knows the drop rate for random loot.
    AFAIK, it has nothing to do with level, or the gear you're wearing.

    Edit: The premium "Higher Income" doubles the value of loot you can find.
    And the character class premium doubles the adventurer's luck bonus.
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  11. myusername

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    Not bad for 6 hours


    And a $1200 metal buffalo
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  12. gagory

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  13. myusername

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    I despair of ever completing the sleepyhead set.
  14. myusername

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  15. Artagel

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    Sorry for having to use paint, but I am inept and my Print Screen button seems to have just stopped working .. :(

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  16. turda

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    not what I was expecting but...
  17. Artagel

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    Jesus, that is the highest value drop I have ever seen in the game. By the way, I am looking to join up for that fort battle - I have the required cash to take part - would you send me details ingame so I know exactly what to do?
  18. turda

    turda Guest

    Send a telegram to electrons if you want to join the battle.
  19. Im not sure if this fits in my style... :blink:

  20. turda

    turda Guest

    Robbing settlers


    2 hours $ 169 94 experience points [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Robbing settlers


    2 hours
    $ 139
    77 experience points [​IMG]

    I just need a damn clock!!!