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Discussion in 'World 3' started by Jrooney2, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Jrooney2

    Jrooney2 Guest

    Come on mates what items have you found:D ive founder tobbaco!
  2. Jercat

    Jercat Guest

    I've found tobacco and sugar. :3

    But that danged barkeep took them from me. ]:
  3. RIJUL01

    RIJUL01 Guest

    i found tobacco, sugar , poster
  4. rascal9

    rascal9 Guest

    I found Govenor Palin in the Cotton field!
  5. All I got is tobacco..looking for sugar >.> That barkeep better give me something good if he steals it from me. Thats worth $2 dollars!
  6. Jercat

    Jercat Guest

    I'm working on finding posters... Still an hour and a half to go.

    And I just got 30 exp from a quest in W2... Who wouldn't kill for 30 exp here? :p
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  7. Sounds like a fair trade, $2 dollars for 30 xp? Hehe sounds fine to me. Barkeep you better give me some exp for my sugar it gets me through the day you know XD

    Muhahah found that blasted sugar. Off to get the cotton.
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  8. Cush

    Cush Guest


    Picked it up after 30 mins on the cotton :D
  9. gamingyoda

    gamingyoda Guest

    4 sugar so far
  10. EdenVII

    EdenVII Guest

    4 sugars, 3 tobacco, 2 hams and 3 cotton. all in 3 hrs 58 mins

    no special items yet though.
  11. Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger Guest

    Gray and brown ragged shoes.
  12. I have found a black bandana.


    It gives +2 Tactics, +1 Swimming & +1 Shooting.
  13. wilddick

    wilddick Guest

    slingshot and other stuff

    found a slingshot and some other stuf, like sugar , tabaco and a rock.:rolleyes:
  14. Jercat

    Jercat Guest

    Green bandanna. (Firefox says bandana is wrong, but the game spells it that way...) :3 too lazy to screenshot it. :p
  15. Mad John

    Mad John Guest

    spelt either way in the dictionary.....
  16. You people...grr actually finding items :( Oh well I hopefully will find at least something for picking cotton for four hours XD
  17. bitsy999

    bitsy999 Guest

    LOL - how much did ya git for her?
  18. Pheles

    Pheles Guest

    Im using my tobacco, but the barkeeper took it! He said, "No tobacco allowed!" lol.
  19. rascal9

    rascal9 Guest

    I found red bandana
  20. Talamare

    Talamare Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2008
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    grey +2 swimmming