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Norse Missionary

[report=1510156eff856607b]Job report: River fishing[/report]

sorry, I got a chamber pot in 15 minutes of river fishing
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Been lucky quite a few times, and these are some of the better finds:

Piece of a note (Part 1)

Figaro's Razor Blade
Huckleberry's Slingshot x 2

Sleepyhead set:
Night gown
Chamber pot


Do the jobs differ as we increase in level? Some of these jobs, I cannot even see. For example, digging graves. What level do I need to be?

I'm finding just minor stuff that is not worth posting.
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Darknoon5 , I found it as well , Im adventurer. [report=2774237f537be8b8d]Job report: Hunting grizzly bears[/report]

Never knew you could find items for other classes.


Haha yes, several adventurers found the medal before the quest for it existed ^_^


can anyone tell me where to find a Black headband and a blue bandana ?


Found Items

Broken bottle, Ham, black feather. What I really need is a fishing rod? Any ideas?:huh: