Items Found


Scare birds off the field


1 hour
$ 21
6 experience points


on my first go sooo lucky what have your found so far =D


Gray cotton shoes while shining shoes, the customer went home barefoot. He didn't even notice it. :)

Ken McCoy

I just found grey clothing doing 30 minutes shining shoes :) might be my lucky world!


Not as lucky as me!

Green bow, yellow bow, grey woolly hat, rusty dagger and precise slingshot in one day. Shame I can't equip half of it

Ken McCoy

Wow haha nice work I'm doing pretty good though for me I always seem to find NOTHING


Railway already? Did you spend enough nuggets on day 1 or what?
im level 7 no premium and ive just loaded all points onto construction and strength :)

i also found a yellow poncho and then an hour later i found another one...its not as if i can sell it yet as well!