Items found

Billy spearow



High income mate ? i do grave roober too but nothing smart so far only: Sharp machete, Grey Leather hat, Precise papperbox revolver and 4 notes...

Yeah, I use high income. I've 300 points for grave robbing.


Maybe there's some super anonymous guy who never posts on forums and is so well hidden in-game that no one has seen it yet. :razz:


I would've edited, but I wanted this thread back up the top. Don't know why it hasn't been stickied yet... Hefty or Diggo, feel free to merge the posts if you want.

But the reason I was posting, lol... I have found FOUR! Mexican bandanas from various jobs :eek:hmy:


I keep one of everything.

@billy spearow - You're making me jealous!


I've found once a precise shotgun,and if I recall,I think Huckleberry's Slingshot..Very nice,shiney..xD and really effective in duels..