Items Found !


Nashy (as himself)

Cody McGyver

sweet! just did one hour at guarding the fort (because that was all the energy I had left) and got the flag! First try!:D

J F 041

>.> No fair. Took me 50 hours on world 1.

You need a screenshot tho. Screenshot, or it didn't happen.

J F 041

Nvm... looking at your profile... you've got it equipped... you're most likely the first... gratz... hurrah...

Cody McGyver

lol....i am only on level 9 and my skills just allowed it....check my profile on world will see it.

Edit: lol....thanks

lewis benchin

found two firestones during the jobs I ws doing. also a rusty razor blade.


And a motivation of 885% :laugh: I don't think it's a "try" but it's a nice joke ;)
Lol, i noticed that right after i Quoted it, but i'm lazy so i couldn't be *BLEEP* to go & edit it.:eek:
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Got a rotten club, gray poncho, yellow indian necklace, wine bottle, and 2 grey caps so far picking tomatoes


Picking cotton

Duration 2 hours

Picking cotton

Duration 30 minutes

Putting up posters

Duration 2 hours

Picking beans

Duration 2 hours

I've also gotten an extra grey cap, a broken wine bottle, and a granite from various jobs while questing.
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