Is there any way how to discuss issues directly with someone capable of making decisions?

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Hello .net community,

i'm a loyal czech TW player concerned about the state of this game as of the end of 2020.
There is a great feature on every Forum, you can post your ideas and feedback, there is only one problem with that. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. Entire community is often advising developers to do certain things that would help with situation on our servers, obviously the only people who read this from InnoGames are our local supports and moderators (who can decide literally nothing and are so powerful they could give 75 UPD as a reward from Awesomia on 24th December as a maximum possible reward according to their overlords)
they usually tell us that our ideas are being sent to Germany and being discussed, which i highly doubt.

So let's get to the point of what i'm saying. As the title says, is it possible to contact and discuss things DIRECTLY between community and people who have the power to say "Okay this will happen"? Maybe at least do something like live Q&A with someone from InnoGames on Twitch or something, when we are able to ask them and directly discuss stuff related to the game itself and future.

There are DOZENS of threads like this, asking Moderators to help us, asking Inno to listen to what we're saying, i've decided to come here to .NET as this should be the biggest community right now and it seems (as is said already) NOTHING EVER HAPPENS

What can we do, what should we do, to contact someone, to discuss this stuff with people responsible for the situation The West is in now?



The West Team
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Thank you for taking the time to write this post.
Every suggestion or proposal suggested by players is gathered and proposed to the developer's team. Not all proposals are feasible or can be added to the game, but all of them are reported.

We, as the Support Team, are always trying to push players' needs and requests and this is what we do as a connection between the communities and the developer's team. Even if it may look that nothing is happening I can assure you that we always report your suggestion to those who has to decide.

I'm now going to close this thread but if you need further assistance you can reach us out on the ticket system.

Best and enjoy your holiday season.

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