Is it just me?


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So, I'm it just me or what? Actually, I know it isn't as I've heard from multiple players in multiple worlds.

Current ff situation after last update. It seems the Defenses are SUPER easy to win (with very little effort) and Attacks are SUPER difficult, if even possible. The only attack wins I've seen lately, is when they have a HUGE advantage over defense (like in attendance, HP, etc...). I think it's a combination of accumulation of prior updates, formulas, damage/tower/fort bonus/latest new sets (namely Union Officer and Cortina) and who knows what else? I'm just a little "noobish" when it comes to formulas, and bonuses, etc..., but I do know that it is now becoming discouraging for players to continue to attend battles, especially when they know well in advance who will win.

Comments, anyone?