Is anyone one ALIVE?

Introvert Mj

I dont even remember :/. But then blegh! two worlds are enough for me.


Well then mate.....let us keep w1 safe from jokers like u :) If you wish to try your hand, look me up there.

Introvert Mj

I did like world 1 when I used to play it. But since it wasnt my first world and because I got caught up in RL and had to remain absent for a long period of time, I quit most of my worlds. Everything I said here was for pure fun. No offence please guys ;).


Oh, none taken. The joker comment was about your avatar :) And, if you ever do find yourself on w1...please give me a shout. A small world does have its advantages.


I too miss w9 but w1 is still doing better then some of the newer worlds IMO


same here i miss w9 it was great fun and fantasic fort battles


That is Another Lie .. need newer glasses !! :cool: lol

Yeah.. We still have our Fun on World 1.. & only Colorado is busier... the rest of my Worlds are ticking time bombs :D
Did you really just quote a post I made four years ago? Lucky it's relevant now more than ever. World 1 is dead, Colorado is dead. Arizona benefited from a huge boost in active fort fighters migrating from Worlds 11 and 12, but even that's starting to slow back down to normal levels of inactivity.