Irulia: The Spirit Changers Quest

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Irulia: The Spirit Changers Quest

In the small city of Rakasi the four month old baby was carried to the stone by his mother, it was in the centre of the city, as it was with every city. The testing stones they were called. It was four months to the day from when the child had been born. They arrived at the stone and the mother stretched out the child’s hand. Then she placed the child on the ground in front of the stone. No-one would have thought much of the stone, it was a stone slab a couple of feet high, it wouldn’t be of much significance if it wasn’t in a giant stone courtyard surrounded by lavish buildings. It was a time of peace and prosperity and that was clearly reflected here. One other man stood and watched as the baby reached out its hand and touched the stone. The mother gasped in shock as the back of the baby’s hand glowed bright blue. “What does this mean?” she asked worried. “This means you must say your goodbyes.” Replied the man, as if this was a common occurrence. As a matter of fact it was, with about one baby every month being chosen, no recognized, as a Spirit Changer. The mother said her tearful goodbyes, kissing the baby on both cheeks, and the man comforted her as he led her out of the gates.
The baby was led off; it would be trained at the Citadel until the first day of the year it would turn sixteen which is when it would, along with everyone else who turned sixteen that year, set off upon a quest to find the “Ultimate One”. What would happen on that quest, no-one knew.
Deep in a cave in the Blackened Wall Mountains
The man watched using his far vision to see inside the citadel. He watched as people scurried about with two days left to go until the start of the next quest. He smiled, this year would be a year that the spirit changers would never forget, the year the dark changers came to visit. He stopped using far vision and turned round and ate lunch, as he was doing so another man approached, hooded with his face obscured by a mask. “Is everything ready?” he asked through the mask, as if the mask were not there at all.
“Yes, sire, all is in place as you instructed.” He replied.
“Good, everything will go as planned then.” The masked figure turned around and teleported off. The man muttered something under his breath about advanced dark changers before scurrying back to his lookout spot to do some more watching.
Explanation time!
You are a member of the group that is going off to do the quest. People are forbidden to talk about the quest to you other than the basic same formulae, you go find the “Ultimate one” and things go from there. You have no idea what is coming but you will be ready for surprises during your journey. The other thing is that people are sent off together in randomly selected groups, you are all members of the same group.
Now to explain some stuff about how you’ve been trained. The spirit changers are the peace keepers of Irulia, therefore they are trained as such, they are superb fighters who will all excel in one weapon type, as well as having one power that they have cultivated over the sixteen (for you lot) years of their life. They will also have chosen four animals by this point. There are no mythical beasts. Your element generally reflects your battle role.
Water is the battle medic, good at defending themselves and others; they do not attack much though. Land relies on offense, they can defend themselves for a bit but in a battle against water they must over power them quickly before they tire out. Air is the agile one, they will rely on dodging their enemies moves whilst sneaking in their own blows.

Also, to give you some understanding of Irulia, here is a map:

The White parts of the lake are bridges and the large white lines across the marsh are wooden paths however, the thinner lines are paths along the grass that are less used but not as safe....




Home City: (where were you chosen?)

Element: (air, land or sea, )

Weapons: (Medieval, longbows are allowed but no fire arrows and no crossbows)

Power: (Please PM me concerning your power so I can check it and make sure it’s not going too far)

Animals: (please note that all creatures are the same but all sea creatures are now freshwater creatures.)


Example (this is me):

Name: Leo Taltas

Gender: Male

Description: Shorter than most people his age, Leo is a slim figure. He dresses casually and generally gives the impression that he couldn’t care less.

Home City: Belmoth

Element: Air

Weapons: Staff, twin daggers

Power: Double Jump

Animals: Eagle, Falcon, Dove and Vulture

Biography: Leo was born in Belmoth, the fifth child of his mother. He was never have meant to have happened and she was almost relieved when he was recognized. The instructors always saw potential in Leo, pushing him as hard as possible. He suffers from a lack of concentration which held him back in terms of developing his power, however, he learnt to focus and is now a good agile fighter.


EDIT: I'm adding in Sam's character sheet for my own memory really more than anything.

Name: Samuel Rogers

Gender: Male

Description: Tall and skinny, with curly brown hair. Sam is well dressed and always attempts to keep his clothes immaculate

Home City: Rakasi

Element: Land

Weapons: Rapier, Longbow

Power: Small wall of solid rock.

Animals: Egyptian Mau Cat, Dormouse, Gold Lion Tamarin Monkey, African Elephant.

Biography: He set off with another group, with Donna, having been told the location of the Ultimate One, he then met up with this group at the western edge of the bridge across the Holsteath Wetlands.

EDIT: Adding Donna's Character sheet for my memory

Name: Donna Seltas

Gender: Female

Description: Donna is a rather petite girl. She wears a pink outfit that is loose and flows off of her body, allowing her freedom to move and is rather attractive looking. Donna is a girl of medium height with a well toned and curvy figure often hidden by her loose and flowing clothing. Her chocolate brown hair is often kept in a ponytail and has a sheen that speaks volumes of the care she puts into it. Brown eyes the same shade as her hair stand out in a rounded, homely face.

Home City: Peralia

Element: Sea

Weapons: Her fists. (She carries a pair of daggers as a back up weapon, just in case.)

Power: Able to shoot high pressure balls of water that can inflict some damage

Animals: Chinstrap *******, Cormorant, Crocodile, Polar Bear

Biography: Donna was always a very good looking girl often being the apple of everyone's eye. She wore nice clothes and always took care of her appearance often leading her to be given a reputation of being soft in the school. This reputation was quickly lost when she became an expert in martial arts and defied the usual trend of the Water class by learning a skill that was by all rights offensive and becoming swift and mobile using her power in combat to fend off long range attacks and being able to disarm people with her bare hands. Although she has never told him, she has a crush on Sam and is oblivious of his sexuality.

Name: Kulos Sutomu (Ku for short)

Gender: Female

Description: 5' tall, with a wiry, muscular build. Keeps her white hair very short, meaning it tends to refuse to stay down and has bright blue eyes. Prefers close fitting, practical clothing, especially in white or grey when she can. Wears a lightweight sky blue scarf around her neck. Carries her weapons in a single sheath on her waist.

Home City: Enylia

Element: Air

Weapons: Butterfly Swords

Power: Can speed up her perceptions, allowing her to see things in slow motion for brief periods of time

Animals: Hummingbird, Nighthawk, Raven, Snowy Owl

Biography: Despite being abandoned by her parents even before she was recognized as a Spirit Changer, Kulos has never seemed like she felt alone or unloved, adopting her instructors and fellow recruits as her family. Always playful and teasing, Kulos makes a point to treat everything as a game, including her studies, leading to less than stellar grades. Kulos didn't spend a lot of her time around students her age, preferring to tag along after those two or three years older than her. When those students left to pursue their quest, she had a difficult time adjusting and turned her talents to troublemaking and setting up pranks over socializing. On the day of her graduation, Kulos only reluctantly went through the ceremony, more frustrated by the delay caused by the missing students than concerned for their safety.

When Kulos' group left however, she felt herself bonding with her companions and making new friends, though the pranks and tricks never really stopped. Early on, a few monsters that looked vaguely like lions caused a some trouble, though they were dispatched fairly easily with the help of a student named Donna who showed up halfway the fight from behind, taking the creatures by surprise. The rest of the trip was uneventful right up until the group reached Enylia to stay the night and resupply. Having become good friends on the trip, Kulos and Donna went together to pick up supplies for the group when the sky went dark...



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Name: Rilinea Hinris

Gender: Female

Description: 5'9, brunette hair tied back, slim, reasonably pretty, although her face is somewhat cruel and hard, reminiscent of the serpents of which she is so fond. She wears a leather jerkin and hose.

Home City: Peralia

Element: Land

Weapons: Composite Bow, poignard.

Power: Sneak, (the power to seemingly fade away into the shadows at will)

Animals: Cobra, Python, Adder, Scorpion.

Biography: Rilinea was an only child, at the academy she pushed herself hard to become as powerful as she could by the time of the quest, training relentlessly with her weapons. She didn't really interact much with the other students, preferring to study alone.
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Name: Mandan Shaydaak

Gender: Male

Description: A reasonably tall figure, Mandan has shoulder-length black hair. He wears all black, covering the majority of his face, and wears black gloves to complete the look. His eyes are a piercing violet. He's a cold, distant individual, preferring stealth above all else, and his animals reflect that.

Home City: Rakasi

Element: Land

Weapons: Short sword, knife.

Power: Can phase through objects. Severely limited.

Animals: Panther, black wolf, wolverine, poison dart frog

Biography: Mandan was taken like the rest, and once he was old enough to know the process through which he was chosen he never forgave his parents for giving him up. He rejected all offers of friendship, pushing himself away from the others by choice. It's speculated that his choice of attire is a further attempt to isolate himself. He's an almost sinister individual, and his violet eyes, peering out from the only crack in the outfit, further his unnerving appearance. There's speculation that he's actually quite handsome underneath the clothes, but there's no definitive proof either way. He rarely speaks, but when he does his voice carries power.
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Name: Seraphim (Sera for short)

Gender: Female

Description: 5’ 7” in height with long silvery blonde hair and deep blue eyes that are almost violet in colour, with an angelic beauty and an air of innocence about her causing some to believe her naïve though this is not always the case.
She is normally dressed in a long flowing grey tunic, white breeches and knee high boots with her hair tied back in a loose pony tail with a white ribbon and a wide pale blue sash about her waist from which her weapons hang.

Home City: Enylia

Element: Land

Weapons: A pair of Wind Fire Wheels and three Chakram throwing discs

Power: Mirror Image: - Seraphim has the ability to create a mirror image of herself, it looks and acts exactly as she does however it is incapable of receiving or causing harm. Although she can create multiple images they become less and less lifelike which each additional copy causing them to be recognised as the fakes that they are.

Animals: Dire Wolf, Wild cat, Osprey, Mouse

Biography: Although she was born in the city of Enylia, Seraphim’s family originated from up in the frozen north having moved south to escape its icy clutches before she was born. Like all of her kind was raised away from her family and homeland yet despite this, touches of her heritage still linger within her, including her choice of animals.
A natural athlete, Sera excelled in gymnastics and other forms of acrobatics though struggled with the more martial side of her training lacking the physical strength to outfight her opponents or even wield some of the larger weapons instead relying on her speed and agility to win her combats.
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name. Arthur Willis.

Gender: Male

Description:Arthur is a medium built guy. He has short light brown hair and deep grey eyes.

Home City: Heldon forest

Element: Air

Weapons: Bow strapped to his back with a quiver full of arrows. 2 bowie knives strapped on either side of his belt.

Power: far vision. Which he uses only in times of need as it drains his energy.

Animals: Eagle, falcon, swallow and swift.

Biography: Arthur is the youngest of 4. His father was a hunter and woodcutter. Arthur tries his best to impress the instructors, in spite of being a superb athlete and an elite hunter he is academically slow. He is a good hunter and can survive in the wild. The only heritage he has is his father's bow which he treasures greatly.


The Citadel Courtyard
Notices were pinned up on the board detailing groups of the quest. No-one knew how these arrived, they just appeared out of thin air at 7:00 every year. One of the many team sheets read:

Leo Taltas
Rilinea Hinris
Mandan Shaydaak
Arthur Willis
(More names appear illegibly on the list OOC: This is my missing man rule, anyone who joins late will assume to have been with the group the entire time or it's just not going to work.)

As people gathered in the pre-set order, it appeared that the team was at the front of the line. They were going to have the honour of going up first and approaching the platform to start the ceremony. As the walked up though, something happened that had never happened before in the ceromony. The sky turned dark. The group finished up the steps and just as they did so a figure appeared suddenly and with a cry of "The Demon Changers have returned!" he vanished again, but this time, the entire group vanished with him. The sky cleared again, but the crowd was awestruck. The demon changers were legend, and if they were back this was serious. The lead professor just took it in his stride though. He immediately barked out orders "No! We must continue, we will perform the absence ritual and then proceed as normal, we can discuss on what to do after the ceremony, but we must continue." And with that things began again, and this time continued uninterrupted.

Demon Cave in the Blackened Wall Mountains

As they appeared inside the cave twenty people were ready and waiting, they grabbed the teenagers and threw them inside a waiting cage as if it were nothing in the world. Before they knew it they were all in the cage and the door was slammed shut. Leo reached for his weapon, only to find it had vanished. "Looking for something?" came a crazed voice. It was an evil murmur from the shadows. As the figure who had taken them limped off, obviously exhausted another figure stepped forward out of the dark. It was a man, but only a former shade of the man. His face was scarred as was his neck, his eyes were a colour similar to that of blood and yet, for all his ugliness he had an almost intoxicating glow. Suddenly though it vanished, like someone had thrown the switch and now he was himself again. "Who are you?!" Leo growled "What do you want?! You should realise you've made a big mistake by crossing the Spirit Changers! I don't know who you are but...
"Shush your yapping child!" the manic voice cut across Leo's "I know full well who you are, in-fact I counted on knowing that. You see, I belong to an order you may have heard of. We are called the demon changers. At this Leo's mouth fell open, the demon changers were the legend to warn your kids with, they'd all been killed several thousand years ago. "And now, we have ourselves a fresh batch of recruits! You will join us, in time. No matter how long it takes you will join us." The man cackled as he turned and walked away "Oh and one last thing, there is a spell on your cage that will inhibit your powers and the door will burn your body if you touch it." With more cackling he walked off. Leo was visibly shaken. "We are in trouble guys, we are in big trouble." Leo left it there, he didn't think he needed to go any further.


It took Arthur a few moments to understand the situation he was in. The demon changers were a legend, a wives tale. Until now. He moved his hand to his hips but there was no knife. "damn" he said under his breath. "We are in trouble guys, we are in big trouble." were Leo's words and that was it. For a few moments Arthur stood shocked and in awe. Could it be true that they have returned. Arthur found his voice and quietly said "what now", not sure if the group heard him.
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Name: Seamus Callahan O’Malley

Gender: Male

Description: A young lad of 15, with bright green eyes, long red hair, joined by growing mutton chops, adorn the head of this 5’11” lad of 12 and a bit stone. He has a penchant for overcoats and long trousers with many pockets, where various items can be found, including his utility knife, small mechanical parts, some of them custom made, match box, and pipe, filled with custom blended tobacco. Completing Seamus’s outfit is a nice pair of all purpose boots, various shirts of various styles, and a flat cap. Seamus has also taken to singing and composing, sometimes known for using instruments in different ways and playing them in different styles than they were originally intended.

Home City: Tra Li, in the Northern Isle

Element: sea

Weapons: Shillelagh (doubles as walking stick) and a sword with a 2.5’ blade

Power: Able to heal light wounds and replenish some energy, is working on making it more effective (hope that isn’t too powerful)

Animals: Irish Pollan, Atlantic Puffin, European Hedgehog, Giant Squid

Biography: Seamus was born in Tra Li, to a ship maker and a housewife. Only later in life did Seamus find out his origin, around the time he was seven. Since then, he has tried to get much of his native culture back, while also adding his own things in. He tries to be friendly to everyone, and is a guy you can go to if you need a mediator. Seamus also enjoys working with his hands and tries to invent new and useful things.

Today was a very exciting day for Seamus. Today was the first of the year, but not just any year. This was the year of his sixteenth birthday, and that meant he would go on his quest to find the ultimate one, whatever that was. His bags were packed with all the necessary things, and a few extra items, and his weapons were clean and ready to go. Seamus quickly dressed, dropping a few gears and matches out of his pockets. Quickly sweeping them up and placing them wherever they would fit, Seamus was ready to go. Grabbing his hat and shillelagh, Seamus ran to the courtyard, where the team lists were assembled.

Upon first glance, Seamus wasn’t on the list at all, and he was about to bring the matter up with one of the masters, when he saw a familiar looking smudge on the first team list. Upon closer inspection, Seamus could hardly, but definitely make out his name. He was on team one, the first team to go. This made Seamus extremely happy. Best to start early.

As Seamus said hi to his companions, the sky turned dark, and a man appeared on the platform. Seamus had seen the starting ceremony before, and this was never part of it. Maybe it was a new thing. This hope was dashed when the man on the platform announced that the Demon Changers had returned. This was bad news. Seamus reached to draw his sword, dropping his bags at the same time, but before he could touch the hilt, he was instantly in a cave, where he was immediately grabbed and thrown into a prisoner transport cart. After he was thrown in, Seamus noticed his bags, his shillelagh, and sword were gone. This wasn’t good.

Leo, Seamus thought that was his name, yelled out at the captors how they had made a bad choice in crossing the Spirit Changers. A captor explained that they were a group of Demon Changers, and that they were here to convert the teens to their cause, and explained that the cart was enchanted to prevent escape and suppress powers. Leo muttered that they were in trouble, and another boy, Arthur maybe, asked what they were to do now. “I’m not sure at the moment, but I think it best if we sit down and think.” Seamus sat down and rummaged in his pockets, eventually finding his pipe, some tobacco, and a pouch. “Always think better with a pipe puffing in my hands. First thing’s first, I think. What do we know about the Demon Changers? The myths, the facts, the speculation, everything. Lay it out.”
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Mandan had been standing slightly apart from the others when the man took them, as he had no desire to talk to any of them. He remained quiet as Leo ranted at the demon changers. As Seamus tried to figure out what everyone knew about the malicious group, the black-clad youth simply shook his head, turning away to look at their surroundings. He was concerned, sure, but panicking wouldn't do anything for them. Besides, it was better let the chatty ones figure things out, then act as he felt was necessary based off their decisions.


The day had started out so nicely; the sun had been shining and the air had been warm and fresh as she had made her way to view the lists pinned to the wall. She had been so excited that she almost forgotten to brush her long silvery blonde hair and tie it back into a pony tail before leaving for today was the day that it would all begin, when all the training that she had received would finally come to fruition.
She had never really expected to find the Ultimate one ...not really but either way she hadn't been expecting this, to be taken right beneath the noses of their masters and thrown into a cage before she'd even had time to grasp one of the exotic weapons hanging from the wide pale blue sash encircling her slender waist though it was probably just as well that she hadn’t else they would have no doubt killed her on the spot before she could inflict a single wound herself.
Standing stunned and terrified with the others she listened meekly as one of their captors spoke with one of the boys, announcing how they were to become the new batch of recruits for their organisation before leaving them alone in the dark "No, no please don't leave me in here!" she pleaded running up to the gate desperate to escape the growing darkness, a yelp of pain escaping her lips as the enchantment wrought into the bars of the gate burnt the palm of her hand.
Holding her injured hand close to her chest she quickly retreated to the corner of their cell, sitting upon the ground with knees drawn up to her chest and her eyes staring widely all around her with unmistakably terror. Why was this happening to her? And today had started out so nicely...


Arthur rushed to help his fallen comrade., Her name was Seraphim he thought. He had heard of her before but never met her in real. There was a look of terror in her eyes as she sat on the ground holding her hand. "Are you okay, it is seraphim right" he asked. Arthur had no medical experience therefore had no idea what to do. "will on of yous help me out here"he said to the other members of the group
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The day had been sunny and warm as the group gathered in the courtyard. Rilinea stood to the side and looked around at her companions. In the centre of the group was Leo Taltas, a talkative cheery student, who seemed to prefer social interaction to study.
Then there was Seamus Callhan O'malley, an islander who was generally friendly, and somwhat skilled at healing, next was Arthur Willis, not the brightest, but a good athlete.
Seraphim was also there, a northen acrobat who Rilinea had never taken a liking too, not that she liked any of the other students... and there was another, standing away from the group, one that Rilinea didn't recognise, clad all in black, he stood ominously.
Then before the leaving ceremony (an unnecessary procedure, in her opinion) could begin, the sky went dark, a man appeared, and the next thing that she knew was that they were in a cage somewhere in the mountains, or perhaps underground, she couldn't be sure which.

Instinctively, Rilinea reached for her composite bow; only to find that it was gone, along with her poignard.
A masked man came up to the cage, Leo shouted at him, and he replied by saying that he was a Demon Changer, and that they would join them, before moving off.
The Demon Changers...Rilinea had heard of them, but had assumed that they were a long dead myth... from what she'd read, they seemed to be a group who simply opposed the fundamentals of the Spirit Changers, not too different... it couldn't be that bad joining them could it?

As Leo and Arthur talked, Seraphim burnt her hand on the cage, before backing away into the corner. Arthur went over to help her.
"Who exactly are these 'Demon Changers'?" She asked. "I thought they were just a myth."


The group reacted strangely, someone burnt their hands on the door and Leo just sat at the back of the cage feeling glum and defeated. What could they do? They were just a bunch of kids, with no powers or weapons at the moment. "Who exactly are these 'Demon Changers'?" "They were legend and myth." Leo replied "But it appears they aren't that way any-more. They stand for tyranny and dictatorship, they believe that only the chosen, those with powers should survive. They force people to join them by making them touch the Demon Stone, once you do that, the dead spirits will enter your head and you can command them for immense power, but if it goes wrong you become their slaves, and it usually sends people half mad. They want this world to burn. If they're back this means a serious threat to the Spirit Changers." Leo sighed and leant back against the back of the cage. "If only... If only there was something we could do."


A cave...why did it have to be a cave? Seraphim quietly lamented as the crushing darkness threatened to overwhelm her completely. Upon hearing the boys voice asking her name, she involuntarily jumps with fright her deep blue eyes locking onto his face as she tries to place him and failing, the boy obviously seeming to know who she was "Yes I am alright" she replies opening her hand to reveal the red mark upon her hand; it was sore and probably would be for a little while but there would be no lasting damage, obviously those that had taken them didn't wish to risk killing their captives.
A noise somewhere within the cave causes her to jump once again, her eyes frantically searching the darkness for its source before returning to the boy "I am sorry I...I don't like dark places" she says in an embarrassed whisper as way of explanation fully expecting him to laugh at her like all the others did in fact some of the girls back at her dorm still found it to be the height of hilarity to lock her in a cupboard and laugh whilst she struggled to get out.
Taking a moment to look about her cell she tries to see if she could recognise any of the others having not read the other names in her excitement and finding that she didn't know either the islander or the boy who had spoken with the Demon changer though she did recognise Mandan; his dark clothes and quiet demeanour unmistakable and then of course there was Rilinea.
Oh not Rilinea why couldn't they have teamed me up with Jeyne or Arya? she barely knew the other girl but it was clear that for some reason she didn't like her a fact that had been hammered home that one time they had been paired together to spar. Armed with a sword far too heavy for her to wield the match had been fast, brutal and had ended with Seraphim in tears.
Realising that she would need a friend if she was to stay alive within this horrifyingly dark place she returns her attention back to the boy that had come to her aid and in a quiet voice spoke "you can call me Sera if you like...what’s your name?"
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"Arthur, Arthur Willis" Arthur replied to Sera. "Pleasure to meet you" he added. He then stood up and turned to the group, "sitting here and doing nothing isn't gonna help us, we're
all in this together, we put our differences aside for now and contribute to the group. Before we start planning I think we should introduce ourselves, I'm Arthur"
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Mandan attempted to use his power, just in case the man was lying, but it soon became apparent by the sudden headache that the man told the truth. He turned back to the others, deciding he should at least know the faces of those he was stuck with. The only ones he recognized were Leo and Seraphim. Leo he knew because of his obnoxious attitude, and Seraphim was one of the few people he'd trained with, as she never mocked him for his quiet manner, unlike most of the others he'd attempted to work with. Well, Leo isn't exactly a pleasure to work with, but at least there's someone I know can watch my back....he thought. The others he vaguely recognized from around the school, but hadn't had much interaction with any of them.

Leo then began bemoaning their fate, causing Mandan roll his eyes. He thought about snarling at the boy, but decided it'd be a waste of energy. Instead, he turned away from the group again, thinking about anything he could do to getting out of there. Until the others started thinking sensibly, there was no point in joining in the conversation.


Rilinea listened to Leo. So the Demon Changers believed that only those with powers should survive, fair enough. They also used the Demon Stone to gain immense powers, that... was interesting. They didn't sound that bad.
"But if it goes wrong you become their slaves, and it usually sends people half mad."
Oh. There was always a clause wasn't there? But then reward without risk.
"They want this world to burn. If they're back this means a serious threat to the Spirit Changers.If only... If only there was something we could do."
We could join them. The thought flashed through her mind and she was almost tempted to say it out loud, but held herself back.
Suddenly one of the other students, Arthur Willis, who had previously been talking to Seraphim, spoke up.
"sitting here and doing nothing isn't gonna help us, we're
all in this together, we put our differences aside for now and contribute to the group. Before we start planning I think we should introduce ourselves, I'm Arthur"

Great. Now they could waste some time speculating about escape methods.
Not bothering to reply, Rilinea turned and moved forward, stopping just in front of the bars, she wasn't going to do something as stupid as touch them despite prior warning. Unlike some.
She stared outwards into the cave, thinking.


Seamus jumped up at the sound of the squeal of pain, spilling his pipe on the floor of the cage. One of the fellow captives had burned her hand on a cage bar. Someone else was attending to her, but Seamus believed the guy was an air guy. Seamus walked over to the situation. “Here, let’s see if I can fix that. I’m a healer. It’s the only reason I still have all my fingers.” Seamus chuckled while wriggling his fingers, then concentrated on the girl’s wound. Instead of her burn disappearing, Seamus received a terrible headache that knocked him on his back. After it faded away, he got on his knees, rubbing his eyes to clear them. “That’s right. We can’t use our powers. Later, then.”

The other guy that was helping the burnt girl got up, and said he thought they should introduce themselves, beginning with himself, Arthur. Seamus agreed, and got up. “I’m Seamus Callahan O’Malley, of Tra Li, a shipbuilding centre and port in the Northern Isle. Looking around for anybody else to introduce themselves, Seamus noticed one of the guys sitting against the bars, not getting hurt. “You there,” Seamus said, pointing to him. “Why aren’t you getting burned? You’re touching the bars aren’t you?” Maybe there was a way to escape, which would be good for the young Spirit Changers. Any group that Kernowed people to fill their numbers was no good. At least that was what he had learned.


As Seamus pointed to someone and asked why they weren't getting burnt Leo said "Well it's just the cage door that's enchanted isn't? Why would they enchant the back of a cage that's up against a wall would they?"

The Citadel
The ceremony was over and everyone had left now but for the first time in ages, an emergency council meeting had been called. The high changer was sitting around the table with the other elected officials. One of them immediately spoke up "What are we going to do. That man shouted that the Demon changers had returned, for all we know, they could be taking the other groups as they set out on their quests. We have to do something!" He was now shouting at the High changer, who was sitting there quietly.
The high mage spoke, he did not need to raise his voice, for it had instantly captured the attention of the people. "Do not worry, I have known that they have been around for a while now. They started small but they've been growing in number. I have a spy placed in their camp, he will have heard about the children and will doubtlessly try to get them out, whether they trust him or not is another matter. If they do not then he may blow his cover and fail his task, which would not be good."


"pleasure to meet you Seamus" Arthur said to Seamus. Arthur turned around around when Seamus pointed out the person standing against the bars. "Is there anyway we can can break through" he said before remembering they couldn't use their powers.
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