Well, I don't actually know any of you so...

My name is Gemma. I'm from the UK. I spend my time at work in a pharmacy or designing/developing websites :)

What about you?


Im Rex to most people. I play football and like RPing and reading and action. Im also on many forum worlds, but my girlfreind keeps me off them alot nowadays

Wasicu Witco

My friends call me Hippie. I am a Lakota from South Dakota. I work at Crazy Horse Memorial and have been attending college for a little over a decade.

Playa Roamer

Nice one Gem! I thought it a bit odd that there was no intro section.

I'm Roamer (aka Alan), 35 from London, UK.
I used to be a pharmacologist many moons ago but moved into logistics instead. Am soon to embark on a five year career break to travel the world.

I'm heavily into Burning Man and all the arty-farty, partying, counterculture, change the world, neo-hippie shenanigans that go with it.



Lakota from south Dakota, eh? Im Abaneki MiqMac from Texas, beet that! Never heared of burning man, but have of neo hippies. Meeting good, yes.


Well im Craig, if you havent guessed, live in a town called Retford Near Doncaster(UK) I do an ICT course at college which is fun fun :D Im a tramp really as i dont have a job, i have worked for the highstreet shop Burtons as a model, which was fun and thats as far as my work experience goes unless you count school work experience at a pharmacy lol.

But yeh as you all know i like to create websites and programs, my most famous program is TribeOrb with over 2000 downloads.

Anyway thats me :)

Oakley Jones

Lundy *Hall , U.S. Army veteran , Automotive Parts/Inventory Specialist at a car dealership . I'm a Gamer , table top , pen and paper , PC , Console and On Line .
A pleasure to Meet all of You .

* Yes I know My given name is a profanity in Ulster .

James the Hunter

uhhh sry posted it twice
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James the Hunter

Jt and Im from Mass. Metalhead, anarchist, gamer, lover, fighter, black belt, and destroyer of WORLDS!!!!!

......uhhhh wrong word i mean destroyer of CUP CAKES!!!!!!!!!!:bandit::bandit:


I´m Rich, Jake or Soup, whichever appeals to you. I´m 17, I spend my spare time at home or on The West and I´m a Ski Instructor at a dry ski slope!