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Currently the games in the Circus are more 'Games of Chance'. Pick a number or box, see what you get.

I propose that Inno introduce other games, typical of what you see in traveling fairs all over the world, that give you an active opportunity to try and win something.

Current Workaround
None, you pick a number, see what happens. No skill involved, just random lucky guessing

I'm no good at graphics, so I'll try to describe in words.

Initially I'm thinking that we get two games - One is your typical 'Shoot at the target', another would be like when you have to go fishing and catch something on a rod or in a net.
Maybe eventually you could add the things like 'Knock these cans off their perch' and 'Throw this ball into the basket', but let's keep it simple and start off with just 2 games, shooting and fishing.

This would/could be programmed as a Javascript-style game (experts help me here please). However the programming occurs, the game is meant to give you a chance to pick a specific target, shoot or fish for that target, and if you can get it you win the prize.

I'm thinking that to simplify it, the goal is to shoot a number of targets or to catch/fish a number of targets within 60 seconds. If you can get enough, you win the prize.

Abuse Prevention
1. Like the current Fair, you need to pay to get more than your one, daily, free game.
2. Yellow and Purple category items are not available in these interactive games. Just grey and green. Yellow and Purple wins could/would still be available through the normal Fair games. This is to prevent too many people who develop the 'right touch' from flooding the world with overpowered goodies.
3. You get to choose 'Do I want to play Shooting today' (for example) or ' Shall I go for the normal games today' for as long as the Fair is in town.
4. If you have the dime and you normally get two free goes, that would still apply here.

Injecting just a little more interactivity every once in a while but avoiding a situation where Inno have to give away a lot of hard-earned items.

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Sure, yes... anything to make the Fair a little more entertaining, and I totally agree that these don't need to be attempts to win it big with an Innobelt... just something to give it a little challenge and not be so static.

BTW, can I request that we have an occasional toothless crack-addict carney that you may feel the need to shield your children from as you pass by? :p


As long as they can be drinking whiskey in public at your crack-addict carney, I'm cool with that. But how would you ensure that the employees are are related (Sister-wife, cousin-daughter, etc.)? ;)


This proposal has passed the poll and it will be submitted. Congrats