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"I'll agree on balance, but I think way too many authors, especially beginning ones, miss out on how to make their readers care for their characters," Aut said, spinning around on his stool to face Braet. "They already care for them, so the audience should too. Forgetting that they only care about them because they know them so well and that the audience has no such luxury." He grinned. "Then again, I enjoy slice of life stories, so I'm probably a bit biased." Aut watched as Braet pulled out a notebook to start scribbling in, though he was too far away to make out any details. "Hope those'r some notes on Keys, Braet. Nia's been rarin' to go since that last post." That was something of an understatement, Aut had been debating writing out a post in advance, though he was a little stumped on the possible lack of context. Though that did remind him... Reaching into a pocket of his cloak, he pulled out a notebook of his own, blue to Braet's black. Regal had had some spares in the back and had been happy to lend him one, which he'd been steadily filling. He flipped through it, reviewing his notes, passing through Wishes, Kauria, Dark Path, Wings, and a new entry simply labeled DS, which seemed to be a page from someone else's notes, mostly blacked out.


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"Fortunately not." Apel replied with a wry smile in response to Braet's comment. "It'll take some doing to drive me away from this little corner of the world." With a sigh, he hoisted himself up from his seat and made his own way behind the bar. Either Regal was being lazy or was in a world of his own. He first poured himself a glass of water, took a long draught of it, savouring the cool liquid as it flowed down his parched throat. That done, he went about preparing Autumn's G & T, before placing it in front of him with a nod. This done, he listened thoughtfully to the conversation which was taking place from a position leaning against the bar. Once the two regulars had finished speaking, Apel added his own thoughts. "Balance is good, but character development is so key to making a roleplay special. It's definitely beneficial for readers to get an insight into a character and begin to empathise with and relate to them before the OP sends them spiralling into a downward path." He poured himself another glass of water and took a sip before continuing. "Me, I am a bit torn. I think Autumn is right on the money about getting both the author and readers to relate to a character before you turn the tides on them. I think Johann does a particularly good job of giving us an insight into Carolyn's character in The Chains of Arunsia by giving us snippets of her past life." A pause for another sip, then, "That said though, I like a bit of dark in a roleplay too. Seeing a character you have grown fond of suffer or go through hard and trying times can be fantastic for further character development as well as spicing up the story!" With his part said, Apel looked curiously at Braet's scribblings, though wasn't able to make much sense of them.


"Problem is sometimes I care for them a little too much so when it comes time to have the NPC tragically die I don't have the heart to do it...its like strangling a kitten you've raised from birth" Braet confessed. At times he still wondered whether he'd made a mistake in killing off Cesare but then keeping him alive would be breaking his own no light and fluffy rule.
As Aut turned the subject to that of a keys a grin spread's across Braet's face "I've been eager to get moving on that too, but I was waiting for Regal to write his reply because depending how he responds it could affect some of the other players...maybe I'll just keep certain details vague and push on regardless I want to see how things pan out for the adorable rock chick" truth be told Braet despite having only intended her to be a throw away character had already devised a back story and future for Abbie, not to mention the sinister developments for the rest of the cast.
Pausing in his thoughts to listen to Apel, Braet gives a short bark of laughter before responded "come on its not all bad for Illrea, he may have a magic sword dragging him to a destiny he doesn't want but he also has a tiny girlfriend to help him through it all...or kill him depending on which path he unwittingly walks down" a dark chuckle coming from the Brit as he sat in his corner; writing his notes.


The saloon doors squeaked as a familiar face strode back in. His face was brown with dirt, his clothes tattered and ripped, certain parts of his scalp could be seen and what remaining hair he had left was slick with sweat. A nod went to each of his old friends, one to apel, one to braet, one to johann, one to zem and lastly to tiger. "Oi Regal..... a pint of your cheapest lager lad" he spat, and a smile to show four missing teeth and the rest beyond repair. He pulled out a cigarette and lit.
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