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Lord Regal

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Howdy there stranger! Welcome to the section of Roleplayers and Storytellers! This here is the Campfire Saloon, where the RPers hang out between stories. It's also any newcomer's first stop to the section after they read the rules. This is where you can try out your skills, as well as to see if RPing is the thing for you! Here're the rules of the saloon:

1. The moderator(s) of the section are the bartender(s) and owner(s) of the saloon. Their word is law here. They kick anyone out, they're out for however long they say, and anything else they say goes as well.
2. Any RPer who's a vet can be a "regular" at the saloon if they so desire. Their job is to be role models and assist the mod(s) with giving advice.
3. Any new people are first time visitors to the saloon. Your challenge is to play that part.
4. Both the bartenders and the regulars may make comments on any aspect of the newcomer's RP style. However, comments MUST be constructive. NO FLAMING ALLOWED. This is the new RPer thread...people are going to make mistakes. Be nice about it.
5. The standard RP rules are going to be a little more relaxed here than elsewhere. However, anything that's clearly spam or off topic will be handled normally, and any clear suggestive themes will be treated normally as well. Repeated poor posts after comments have been given multiple times are fair game too. No god-moddng or metagaming...we're normal people in a saloon. That's it.
6. Have fun! This is to get used to the section and to experiment. Don't be shy if you want to give it a shot...we're pretty nice people.

Character Sheet:
Name: What're ya called? (for simplicity, I recommend your forum name.)
Age: How many years ya been kickin'? (Make this up at will if you don't want your actual age.)
Gender: Be ya a boy or a girl? (Again, for simplicity be truthful. It's easier to play a character similar to yourself)
Role: (Bartender=mod. Regular=RP vet. Newcomer=New RPer.)
Bio: Tell us a bit about yerself! (This can be either fictional, your The West history, or your RP history. Mix and match at will!)


Name: Regal
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Role: Bartender
Bio: Regal joined the forum for one reason: to RP! He'd never done it before this forum, but the concept intrigued him and he wanted to try! He was a noob at first, making RP mistakes left and right. However, over the course of a year he grew in his abilities, making many friends in the section and earning their respect. When the previous bartender, Jordan, retired, Regal was asked both by the big bosses and the RPers to fill his place. He agreed, and has been the bartender ever since. Under his control, the section grew from the near-dead place it had been to a place with regular activity, adding new rules at times to make the experience more enjoyable for all. Nowadays he RPs in the ones that catch his attention, coming up with the occasional story himself. He finds time to tend to the saloon every day unless it's absolutely impossible.


Regal slowly polished a glass, looking around the Campfire Saloon. The regulars were there, and he vaguely wondered if they'd see anyone new soon. Business was good, considering the number of people who lived in the area, but newcomers were always interesting, bringing their own sides to arguments long thought died out. With any luck, they'd get one soon.
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Name: Alawa
Age: 23
Gender: Girl
Role: Bartender
Bio: Alawa originally joined the forum to find clues to just where Hernando's Sword might rest. (This was LONG before everybody knew). She found the forum was warm, and cozy, so decided to stay a spell. The RP section was a major bonus. Alawa partook in several stories right off the bat, and eventually graduated into running some highly successful threads of her own. She worked hard for the overall town for a while, and then had to mosey along for a spell. She found the world to be a scary, and not so fun a place all the time, so begged to return. She was once again offered a job as bartender, and now works here once again. She still works hard, but it's more in the background. She has inklings to once again participate in an RP, but for now is content to serve the patrons.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alawa moved around the saloon, scrubbing down tables with a mostly clean rag. She would often look toward those swinging doors that would announce a returning regular like a welcomed family member. She looked toward Regal and winked; smiling as she wondered if the day would bring another welcomed new comer to the tables.


Name: Peril
Age: Old
Gender: Boy
Role: Regular
Bio: Came to The West after his last home burned down. Started RPing again here, liked the weather, stayed.


Peril tied his donkey Bertha to the hitching post outside the Campfire Saloon. He made sure to double knot the rope because Bertha tended to get loose are run amok whenever she could. Once the ill-tempered donkey had walked into the middle of the street and kicked a horse attached to a stagecoach in the stomach, causing the horse to rear and the stagecoach itself to tip over and spill the passengers, freight and the driver.

"Be good." The mountain man told the beast, Bertha raised her lips from her teeth and smiled at him - Peril knew she was going to try her best to escape and cause some kind of trouble - perhaps rob a bank or cheat at poker.

Before going into the saloon, Peril stopped by the window and peered at his reflection. The mountain man had stopped off at the barber shop down the street and was clean shaven. Not knowing that anyone inside the saloon could see his every move, Peril opened his mouth and inspected his teeth - which must have been horrifying to anybody watching, before proceeding to push his tongue against the inside of his cheek and inspect his face for any stealthy stubble that might have escaped the barber's razor. On a whim, he pushed his little finger into his ear and what he pulled out was truly horrifying, looking around the boardwalk and finding himself alone, he wiped the earwax off on his trouser leg. Did the same with his other ear. His underwear was riding up on him, and he turned around and asked "What're you staring at?" to Bertha, as he fished them out.

Clearing his throat loudly, and pulling his hat down over his face, Peril sauntered up to the bat wing doors and pushed through them - stopping just on the other side. "Howdy, everybod-ouf!" he tried to greet the saloon as a whole, but the doors swung back in on themselves and struck him in the back, almost knocking him off his feet.

Regaining his composure, Peril cleared his throat again, before straightening his clothes and striding up to the bar. He sat an elbow onto the wood and ordered.....lemonade.


(I wanted a kinda flashy entrance, that is me after all.)
Name: Zemelci (call me Zem)
Age: Young
Looks: Dashing
Modesty: Amazing
Gender: Boy
Role: Becoming a regular.
Bio: Found a group called Innogames and fell in with their lot. Came to the West where a friend told him of the RP town and he came for a drink and told a tale or two. Liked the company and stayed.

Zem galloped into town, he came from a ranch on the wasteland and had run away from his father to become a gun-slinger, that dream had kinda ended and he now worked as a farm hand who did protect the town from the occasional bandit or two. He jumped off his horse and slung a loop round her neck, Sapphire she was called after the gem he had used to pay for her (taken off a rather unwilling bandit). He slipped the loop round her neck and strolled casually into the saloon nodding at Peril as he went. "Afternoon Alawa" he said with a tip of his Stetson. "You're looking mighty fancy today. There something special on?". Then he ordered a beer from Regal and sat down and began to tap his fingers. He wondered if anyone new or maybe one of the old folks, like johan who had abandoned RP town for the Games town. Zem sometimes went to that town but it was getting to much effort to go there and so he wasn't going there any more.
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Name: Braet
Age: old enough to know better, young enough not to care
Gender: Male
Role: Regular
Bio: Braet stumbled upon the town several years ago and tentativly watched it for several days before joining one of Regals stories. Finding that he not only enjoyed it but actually had a knack for writing Braet stuck around creating several stories of his own with mixed success as well as joining several of those made by others even pretending to be a girl on several occasions just to be different, even if it caused some confusion in the past.
Braet warily eyed the donkey as he gave it a wide berth knowing full well its bad reputation. Pushing open the doors he strode up to the bar, his boots clumping loudly on the wooden floor and his hands pushed deep into the pockets of his dark brown duster.
Sitting himself down on one of the stools lining the bar he casually flips a coin onto the counter "The usual a clean glass if you please"

Lord Regal

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Regal laughed at Peril as his grand entrance was botched. Nevertheless he greeted him warmly, pouring fresh lemonade into a glass. "Next time, you might want to try walking a little farther in before saying hi," he winked, his friendly tone taking any potential sting from the words." He then turned to pull the beer for Zem, greeting him as well. When Braet made the comment about the glass being clean, he frowned. "I always provide clean glassware, my friend," he stated, a mix of hurt and gentle reproach in his voice. Braet's "ususal", was a mix of Elderberry Wine, Scutten...and Ginger Ale. Scutten was one of Regal's specialty drinks, a dark, strong wine distilled for several years from a variety of fruits. The drink properly mixed, he handed it to Braet.

Turning to the group assembled at the bar as a whole, he asked, "So, any word around town I should know about?"


Name: Tigermite
Age: Young
Gender: Male
Role: Regular
Bio: came across the town many years ago, before leaving on his travels before coming back after a year to settle in.
Tigermite walked into the saloon and leant on the bar before sliding a coin onto the counter.
"I'll have a whiskey if yer don't mind. as fer news, I ain't heard nuthin'. what 'bout you Braetwalda?" he said in his deep accent, whilst the fingers of his right hand drew invisible circles on the leather of his holster.


A grin spread across the older mans face as he took the proffered drink "A jest friend a jest" he said with a slight laugh before taking a mouthful.
"I may have something new for you guys to look at...if i can get the intro finished" he said in reply to both Tigermite and Regal's questions.


Zem heard braet's idea and his interest was piqued however he also had is own idea. "Braet, If you'd hold yours for a while maybe I have one that might just go up this weekend. It'll be up on Thursday by the latest I hope."


Braet shrugged his shoulders taking another mouthful from his glass "Sure its not finished yet anyway" it had taken three weeks just to write what little he had so he doubted he'd get it finished just yet.
"So tell me what have you got in mind for this new idea of yours?"


"Zombies, gangsters, a city and one huge war. (it will be split up into two parts and the zombies only become the main part in the second part.) The only problem I'm having is finding a city which I split into sections well for the gangsters." Zem replied to braet. "What do you think?"


Tigermite took a swig from his glass and walked over to Zem. "Well I'd say that It'd be easy to make up a city of your own, just base it on a grid system with a few central buildings surrounded by suburbs and shops. that's how I'd do it. Anyhow I've got a few ideas of ma own that I'd like to do sometime, but since you've got your idea, feel free ta go first."


"Thanks for the advice. The city will be based somewhere in America, you'll see why. It will replace modern city. E.g. New York.


"Yer welcome." Tigermite said as he raised his glass, tipped his head back and drained said glass. "Ahhh." he said plonking the empty glass down on the counter. "Another one If ya don't mind."


There was an awkward silence and Zem decided to fill the gap. "Well, I've heard rumours of newcomers, I wonder if they'll show up. Also about my RP I've begun designing the city. Nearly done."


Name: MasterOfWar (a.k.a MoW)
Age: 13
Gender: Undetermined
Role: Not really sure. Guess I'm a year old newb?
Bio: RP'er from 2009-2011. Joined for Q&A. Stayed for CS. Tended to be a right brat when I was younger, but as I grew older, I didn't become more mature.
MoW listened to the laughter and chatter flowing from the bar."Will they accept me?" whispered MoW unintentionally to himself. "Well, I'm not going to find out by standing out here"

MoW slowly approached the doors of the bar. The door creaked as he pushed it open. He stepped tentatively into the bar. 'Well here goes nothing' thought MoW.

"Hey guys. I'm back!" announced MoW, though unfortunately after being out in the wild for so long, he developed a bad habit of using an outdoor voice all the time. So he ended up shouting this statement out.


Zem turned round as MoW walked in and announced his return. "Regal, a drink for our old friend here. If he can behave himself."


Tigermite turned as MoW walked into the bar. "Hey! Glad to have you back man! I'lll buy you a drink, c'mon!" He said warmly.


"I'd greatly appreciate that lads" said MoW as he strolled over to the bar. "And I really do hope I behave myself this time"


"I'm sure y'all will fella!" Tigermite said as he handed MoW a glass of whiskey.
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