International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion


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We would have to buy premium in the new world or will our premium be transferred from our current worlds?

As you know Greeks have a huge disadvantage regarding buying nuggets at the moment...

Da Twista

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@gunner86: the dates have been announced (Event start: 25/11/2015). I will of course provide tables shortly indicating the schedule of events.

@neel shah: The reward details are still to be determined. I will provide more information on them once I have received it. The leaders will be choosing the fort battle team, there are a number of factors involved but you can read more on that by clicking the link below.

@Votcarul: The leaders will be announced during the recruit process which has already started. See link below for details.
Only buffs that will be available to you are those you purchase or create once we have copied your character over to the new world. Only items that will be copied over are the 3 sets stipulated in the announcement.

@Musagete: Since the event will be hosted on the EN server, you will be registering to the new world using your existing account. The nugget currency is global across all your worlds which means you will have access to any nuggets you currently have for this new world.


neel shah

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Damn, I just used some grands for buffs.

I thought, we could transfer the buffs too.

Also, will I be able to take along other items except the fort fight set ?

Like, if I want to take along precise shot gun lvl 3, beside scouts set ?
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Another question.

Many people have more than one character and don't know what to choose (different classes etc).

Would they be able to change the character they will enter with if the team needs e.g. more fat advents / soldiers etc? It's for our team's best after all :p

Da Twista

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@neel shah: You are able to take 3 sets with it. In other words, you can take 3 guns, 3 pants, 3 shirts, 3 hats etc... products like buffs are excluded from this list.

@musagete: Once you have been copied over, you cannot change your choice. Best you choose wisely before the entry end date.

Icy Blue

ONE QUESTION: you obviously will leave your world. the rules state you can bring 3 sets of gear. later it says this character and your gear gained will be eliminated after the event. Does this include the gear you brought with from your world or is that gear cloned for your "new" FF character? i may have missed something but would like a clarification.


Cro Sharpshooter

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Your character will only be copied to the new server, not transferred. You will not lose any of your items on your original character but only don't get to keep anything you acquire on this new server.

Ugly Duckling

This has the potential to be an awesome event! Kudos to whoever is responsible.

Big John1970

Looking forward to it. Especially if I can be online for the fights. I love FFs. :)


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So this means that will be almost no fort battles on servers during this event? I can finally reskill to trader :D