International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion


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Wow, it does sound really exciting! I'm too low level to join unfortunately, I wouldn't do much good to our server team :p

I have a question though: don't different language server have different items available? As in, Swedish server might've given out something like [insert item we don't have here] and such, meaning Swedish team will be OP to all other teams? Also perhaps the other way around, we might have OP items other servers haven't gotten yet.

Or are there going to be a limit to the items each team can bring, in order to balance whatever difference might be between the servers in that regard?


Great initiative, and I wish I still found the game interesting enough to jump off my chair and eagerly sign up. Innogames seems to continuously change the game to make it less and less attractive, and it seems like the GM-team is the one that are working really hard to make it worth our while to still play this game. Respect and Cred to you all! Really, really good job!!! Kudos!

When I read the point rules something seemed to be off and after going through the different scenarios a ff can end, the fog cleared and I think I saw light...

Anyway, a ff can end in these ways:
Attack defeat all
Defense defeat all
Attackers capture flag
Neither of the above happens and the fight ends due to time; all rounds played. I.e. successful defense

Currently the rules are set as follows:
Every match played in the group stages will earn points for teams as follows:
Match won by attacking team due to flag being captured: +1
Match won by attacking team due to all players being defeated: +2
Match won by defending team due to all rounds being played: +2
Match lost by defending team due to flag being captured: 0
Match lost by attacking team due to all rounds being played: -1

What happens if the defense kills all before the last round?
Currently no points are awarded or subtracted.

If I was leading the defense team and could kill all, I would do my best to avoid that. If I were the attacker and I was due to lose I would order and all out attack with the goal of everyone dying, to avoid giving the defense two points, and on top of that have my team lose 1 point. The difference between the defense winning by killing all before the final round, and holding the fort to the final round is 3 points. I.e either both teams get 0 points, or the defense gets 2 points while the attackers lose 1 point. That is a huge gap imho between the two ways the defense can win the match.

I would suggest the following simplification of the awarding of points:

Every match played in the group stages will earn points for teams as follows:
Match won by attacking team due to all players being defeated: +3 for attackers
Match won by attacking team due to flag being captured: +1 for attackers

Match won by defending team due to all players being defeated: +3 for defense
Match won by defending team due to all rounds being played: +2 for defense

And again, great initiative GM-team! Good job
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Pankreas PorFavor

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Da Twista wrote:
"character will be moved from the server that they are regularly playing on"
"they will not be able to transfer event prizes back to their original server. (I don't see a point for a player to participate in anything but the fort battles. They lose this character at the end)"

I suppose that this part is just badly written. I don't want to have my character moved (moved is not the same as copied!), and then deleted when the event ends!
If I decide to participate, I hope this means my character from world XYZ will be copied to this new server where I can participate in the event, but I keep my character in world XYZ and I continue playing there. I would hate to see a situation where a number of fort fighting characters would be removed from .net worlds for 10 weeks.


That part does need changing; it doesn't say what it is supposed to. You won't lose your character at the end of the event. The only thing which you might lose will be any prizes which you gain from a tombola or other event which is held in the same time period as this fort battle championship.
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Cro Sharpshooter

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Nice event, shame I just deleted my old character last week and started a new one.. Good luck to those who will be representing us!


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This is pretty exciting to see, and I am looking forward to it.
Need clarification.
What is a Set? Only asking because many people have different interpretation of this phrase.
"Each player will be allowed to take three sets of fort fighting equipment with them to use during the tournament."

For example my I have one Fort Fighting Set consisting of Scout Clothing, Dalton Horse and Saddle and Johnson weapons. I have another that is Deadwood Clothing, Outlaw Horse, Saddle and Guns and that Snake, and yet another that is a mixture of Deadwood, Scout, Ludwig and Johnson.
If i read the description correctly, all of these are considered as a set on their own, correct?
It does not mean that Deadwood clothing is a set, and Deadwood horse and saddle is a set and Johnson Weapons are a set.
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Da Twista

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Hmm, I'll edit my announcement shortly. Some information was not supposed to be included there but that's my fault for not proofreading my announcement before posting it. My apologies for that.

@Wondertje: Each language server has basically the same items on them. Whatever is available on that server is a possibility here. But there might be some issues with the friendship rewards sets that only appear on some servers eventhough that can be migrated over to others.

@xqrtska: I've forwarded your suggestion off to the CM managing this event. While I will be helping with the event, I'm not the leading CM running it.

@Pankreas: We will be duplicating your character over to the new world. Your original character will remain on whichever world you are playing from. Duplicating it, but not completely. Your level, skillset, certain items and all that directly relates to fort battles will be copied across. Other stuff like achievements and quests will not be moved over.

I will be posting more information soon. Well as soon as I get a free moment and also answer any further questions you have.


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Sounds awesome, can't wait for it. Is there any criteria on how the players are going to be selected? Are we going to have an equal number of each class in the championship team and any level requirements?


The West Team
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Just a thought - if quests aren't copied over, does that mean it's possible do do quests and gain more skill points with the copied character?


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Just a thought - if quests aren't copied over, does that mean it's possible do do quests and gain more skill points with the copied character?
Most likely this is the case. It probably works exactly as the migration-bug, which wipes all achievements/statistics/quests from migrants. Which in turn allowed migrants to do all quests again and also receive all the SP's & AP's quest rewards again.


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I got the impression that the event world would be created for the purpose of the event.

If I signed up with my toon from Briscoe, my toon from Briscoe would be placed into the Event world for the purpose of the Event, but that I could/would still play Briscoe.

And that this Event world is just temporary and anything won on it, even if just a bale of hay, will be transferred back to the participant's original server.

Either way, I'll sign up and count me in once there's more clarification.
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I think we all have different interpretations of the announcement, and speculation is's that word that starts with S....oh yeah...speculation.

I would expect that a toon would be created on the event world with matching stats and a limited inventory, all based on the player's original toon. And that the original toon can carry on playing his original world. The event toon can do whatever he likes between battles, but after the event, everything vanishes - the toon, his inventory, and in your case Deiben, the 200k bounty. :p


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Da Twista already made it quite clear on that point, don't you guys think?

They'll duplicate your character to the event world and then remove the duplicate when the event is over. So it doesn't matter what happens on the event world, it won't affect the real world you're playing on.
(Except that you'll of course get what you win transfered to your regular character!)

Da Twista

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@xalita42: A set would be considered as a full set of clothing i.e. one item in every slot. So the weapons, horse and saddle, and the set of clothing would be considered as a full set that can be taken with you.

@Micky: No level requirements and no requirements on how many players of a certain class there is. It will be up to the leaders to sort out whose going to be participating though. Obviously we would like a balanced mixture but ultimately we would like our leaders to sort out their teams.

@Dante: The transfer is a mere copy of your existing character to a new world. Achievement points won't be copied over since the character will be deleted at the end of the event.

Wondertje is correct about transfers and the event ending. When the event ends, the world closes and you will not have access to it any longer. Whatever was acquired during the event will be lost (Cash, nuggets, bonds, items, XP etc...). If you win any prizes from the event (1st, 2nd or 3rd) these will be placed on your original character we copied from.

neel shah

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Count me in !

Btw, what are these prizes, never seen them around - Gold Medal, Silver Medal.... ?
Can someone throw some light on it.

Also, when does the event start ?

Another question, on what basis will the 140 - 150 players be selected ?
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1 Who are the leaders ?
2 We keep our buffs when we join in international server ?

I want to sign up ( account)