Inside Your Valentines Premium Box


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Just for fun i wanna see what players got inside the premium boxes @ 130,000k hearts .. not many will have gotten them but what items are falling out?

i should get mine with 1 hour to spare before il post mine then

do share :)


Golden buffalo, Golden sphere and Sitting Bull talisma.

On the 3 worlds where i got to the premium, those where the prizes.


on 5 worlds i got: total crap

twice john day trapped hat, once crazy indian clothing, once jesse james schofield and once harmonica's

so in grand total 5 items that drop a lot from jobs, and that indian clothing and trapper hat barely is worth 50k

man i hate prem chests


John Clum's cloth from premium chest
Ben Holiday's riding boots from steel lined box
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I got Henry Newton Brown's leather hat. I almost opted to leave my premium chest unopened for my collection like I did with that unique precious chest, but I guess in the end it worked out okay compared to how it could have been.

Da Twista

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I never opened mine because I don't have one in my inventory and I like to have one of everything I can in this inventory.

Does this make me a collector :O