InnoGames International Graphics Contest!

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Becca Lee

Yep, you read that thread title correctly, we have a new contest starting up! InnoGames is interested in seeing what everyone's got! They want to see which forum has the best of the best. To see which graphic artist has what it takes to win an international contest! The following is from InnoGames:

Dear Players!

InnoGames would like to invite you to first international graphic competition!

This competition is open to The West players all over the world!
Do you think you are the best artist The West community have ever seen? We are just about to find out.
Compete with players from other countries and win an...

iPod Nano!

The theme of this competition is
"The West New Year".

The only limits are your imagination and rules of competition.

Grab your pencil or mouse, a new iPod is waiting for you.
The rules

  • Each player has to host his or her image. We want only the links to the images.
  • Your image must be your own work (It may have stock images/renders, but not already edited images).
  • Allowed formats are .JPG and .PNG only.
  • The maximum resolution is 800x600. (Hence why we only want the link)
  • No animations allowed. Only static images.
  • Scanned drawings allowed!
  • Allowed language for any text is English only.
  • You may discuss your potential entries in the InnoGames International Graphics Contest (IIGC) discussion thread here, but you may only post your official entry once. Any modifications after that time will result in a disqualification.¹

Local stage of the contest:

1st place =
500 nuggets
2nd place = 300 nuggets
3rd place = 100 nuggets

International stage of the contest:

1st place =
An iPod Nano!!! (Exact model has yet to be determined.)
2nd place = 1000 nuggets
3rd place = 750 nuggets

The Dates
Starting today
² we will be accepting your links to your entries until December 5th. After that We, the forum staff, will vote on the top entries to move on to the public vote. The exact number of entries that will be voted on in the public vote will be determined by the number and quality of entries. the top 3 entries after the public vote will move on to represent all of us on *.net!

The International stage of the competition will begin on January 2nd, 2011 and will end on the 15th! The International voting will be closed and voted on by InnoGames staff.

Good luck to all, and make .net proud!!!!

¹ I hate to do this, but there is a good chance of a large number of entries, and it could pose to be near impossible to keep up with any and all tinkering/tweaking that might occur. So make your official entry count!

² Yep, I will understand if this impedes with the Thanksgiving contest, but I hope that everyone will join in on that one as well. We can get the vote going earlier for that contest if everyone wishes.
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Becca Lee

This thread is for entries only, do NOT discuss anything here. If you wish to discuss this event, go: HERE.
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Becca Lee

So far there are a few that are not eligible. Please take your time and read the rules, the maximum size is 800x600 and you only get one chance to post it. Anything larger then that can not be accepted. If you've already posted, this is your one warning to resize your entries, anything after this post will not be given that chance. Also, I am downloading copies of all entries, so please do not make any changes after you've posted, or you will be disqualified.

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