Inno "rabbits" or "bots" in Events


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Have we ever been given a guarantee from Inno that they don't place "bots" or "rabbits" in winning a final Event set?
If we haven't, can we get one?

We already know that Mod's are "compensated". None of my business.
But can we get a guarantee they're not being given nuggets in an Event to be a "rabbit" to push up an Event set expense?

I've won 2 Event Sets on Briscoe.
The Manitu's and Good ole West's.
I know that MCDGeneral has also won an Event weapon set on Briscoe.

Can we get an accounting of every toon that has won every weapon set since the Manitu set was rolled out on Briscoe?

Now you're going to come back with a piss poor excuse of the winners want to be kept private. Bull ****.
I think for some of the Events, there might not have been toon winners. The Inno rabbit won it. Prove me wrong.

I'd like to see who has won, on Briscoe, the Event sets since Manitu was rolled out.


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Thank you for the reply, Slgoxx. I trust your word as gospel that these Events don't have bots or rabbits to pace nugget contribution on the top end.

I don't understand why the winners of an event won't be published. We're not celebrating winners. Victory is a secret.... Not of the Victoria's Secret variety.... lol.
We celebrated the winner of The West video contest. We've celebrated other winners of other Events.
We've celebrated the 155 or so that get appointed to represent our server in International Fort Battle Challenges.

Ok. We can't celebrate or recognize winners. Got it.


The West Team
We respect the privacy of the players. Not everyone wants it to be known that they spend a lot of money to take the top spot.


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Well, looking around at other posts, it is then possible that it doesn't take "spend a lot of money to take the top spot." on some servers to win the Event?

Respect the privacy of the players?

Is that now the #1 priority of the .EN Mod Support Team?
You guys missed that boat when foscock, a current Mod, told me that a former Mod, Kidd Kalypso, cheated in the game.

How the heck can a MoD cheat in the game when they hold all the cards, get to see every other hand, and deal out the punishments and reward from event?

I admire a respect for privacy.

Until Inno and/or it's Mod's post the winners of this Event, there's no way for the player community to confirm that the Event Weapon Set was actually rewarded to a member of the player community.

Celebrate the Winners of your Events......


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Until Inno and/or it's Mod's post the winners of this Event, there's no way for the player community to confirm that the Event Weapon Set was actually rewarded to a member of the player community.
Lol. Except seeing it with your own eyes. Try talking to people and finding out for yourself.

Kidd Kalypso

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Kidd? I heard that guy was retired. Zero bans on his account. But what do I know?

Just an occasional dueler/forter on the dead world of Zona.

Time to ease on off for a quick 9 holes at my local course, have a great one all.


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Bring your fosputter, bro. Name the course. I took you by one stroke. Just one....
There was the park in Boston that was playable. Drive over the bum sleeping under the tree, around the fountain, elevation over the elm tree, in with a 4.

But until Inno shares who wins events on servers, better yet, gives us who was in the Top 3 on each server, they don't have any accountability to sharing to their players the event winners.
They don't want to publish that Rabbit was #2 on Briscoe. Never met that guy but I know he has 301 points per this time/date stamp.
Inno refuses to reveal who he is. Maybe he doesn't exist. Maybe he's just an Inno placed rabbit.

When the event is concluded, why can't the Top 3 on each server be announced?
Still don't understand why is all hush hush secret. It's an Event. Reveal the winners.

PS: Kidd: I only have 0 Punishments Points because I'm coming off a 1-week ban :)


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I'd like some Punishment Points here for double posting. Thank you. I'm already warned and rewarded.
Can the Moderator that accesses them just share here what they are. 5?? Cool. Save you the time of an additional tg or post.
What am I up to here regarding punishment points? Is it 0?? I'd prefer 10 so you make it what you will.

Dead world of Arizona, Kidd??

And we just saw a contest for naming the "J" world.
My submission was Jackass. How'd you fare with yours?

Keep the 9-iron at home. Work on your short game. You'll have the title back in no time..... LOL.
And I look forward to that day.