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there is several aspects on game that sadly present no matter what, like crybabies hauling insults everywhere because they got dueled @Merovec and @Abydos1 so far. i know that abydos didnt get any punishment(according to report card) whatsoever even we had a cm present on saloon. second issue is thieves such as @Chandler Riggs . also total liar, still have screenshots about his gibberish. i heard my friend carbine got banned and that was the final straw for me. stop banning intoxicated players instead of TOXIC PLAYERS, keeping toxic players will get you no where. so far i got 5 points for talking nosense for my friend of +15 years while people who can freely insult or steal stuff. open your eyes @Syntex


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It is forbidden:
  • to violate or harm other players physically or mentally.
  • to name your Town with offensive or inappropriate terms.
  • to glorify terrorist acts or persons.
  • to insult players via the in-game communication system.
  • to post chain letters or spam mail.
  • to post advertisement links and referrer-links.
  • to impersonate a member of the team.
  • to discriminate against players based on, but not limited to their origins, race, religion, creed, sex, disability, age or any relevant category.
  • to threaten another player in order to obtain in-game favors or premium currency.
  • to mask profanity with symbols.
  • to mask insults with figurative language.
  • to publish any in-game support correspondences provided by the team on a public domain.


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How the moderation team deals with ''punishments'' is not something that will be shared with anyone but the parties involved. I will repeat what Sambee has stated in another thread (and so kindly posted by Junkz above), the forum is not the place for such posts. If you have any concerns or questions, then these need to be brought up in a support ticket.
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