ingame chat emoticons

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. . .

:) =

;) =

:( =

:D =

:p =

o_O =

-.- =

^^ =

el pollo diablo! =

!el pollo diablo =

el pollo diablo?! =

!:)! =

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There is also a town forum. which are the available smileys for that?

Big John1970

Saw this and was confused, but someone got around it by saying, "Add mee"


Was wondering if something was wrong with my chat but a genius idea :D


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Genius? I guess we have different thresholds :p

All the new 'add me' and 'add me!' smilies have done is cause me to turn off chat except for friends' whispers til after this event is over.


i'd love a barf smiley as a response to the flood of add me's during events.